July brings us a holiday we love: the fourth of July. Cookouts with friends is one reason why we look forward to this holiday. What do you have in mind to do for the fourth of July? Here are a few tips for you to host the type of fourth of July cookout with your friends that everyone will love:

Be The Life Of The Party

If you’re hosting the party, be the life of your party! Whether that looks like you donning some fun, patriotic American flag board shorts to be “that bro” at the party or simply do your best to make sure your friends are all having a good time, don’t stress, and just enjoy yourself.

If you’re having fun and being the type of host who cares about their guests, they’re bound to have a blast as well. It’s been a long couple of years, so go ahead and put your hair down.

Ask Everyone To Bring A Dish

There are some great staples you can include on the menu for your holiday party from hot wings to hot dogs. Instead of stressing about it, ask your friends to bring a side dish to the potluck so everyone can enjoy great dishes without just one person worrying about cooking for the whole party of guests.

It’s easy for your party to have all the food and drink needed for everyone, and maybe even plenty leftover. With a planner app, you can create a space for everyone to decide on dishes to bring and more for the party.

Consider A Catering Company

No worries if you don’t feel like putting together a shopping list for your holiday party. Hiring a catering company can make things easier for you. A caterer can provide delectable dishes that will wow everyone at your party while allowing you to relax and not have to worry about preparing food for everyone. This is an option for large-scale 4th of July parties and maybe not so necessary for a casual backyard barbeque.

Have A Pool Party

Make your 4th of July cookout a pool party if you have a pool. After all, it’s going to be very hot in the month of July and a pool can make it a bit more bearable to spend time outside. If you don’t have a pool, a kiddie pool or larger inflatable pool in the backyard can be a great way to provide your guests with some way to cool down when the day is long and hot.

Keep The Dishes Simple

Listen, what your friends are looking forward to more than anything is having cool refreshments and fun with their friends and celebrating a patriotic holiday. While we love great dishes and meals, the 4th of July isn’t a holiday where you have to worry so much about holiday staples.

A good burger with a couple of sides like potato salad or even chips is probably going to make a lot of people happy. If you have guests who are vegetarian, pescatarians who love sardines or catfish, or they are on a low-carb diet, make sure to include some dishes for them, as well.

In Conclusion

Whether you want to have a low-key holiday party or do a fancy, upscale 4th of July celebration, there are many ways to make this holiday one that will be remembered for a long time. As long as you provide cool refreshments and great eats, it can be an easy way for everyone to enjoy this patriotic holiday with each other.

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