Ah, the holidays. Beautiful music, snow on the ground, the smell of baked goods filtering through the air — and your procrastination weighing heavily on your mind. You’re not alone, though. Some studies estimate over half of Americans wait until Christmas Eve to buy their gifts. And, if you’re anything like the general public, then you probably procrastinated for so long because you weren’t 100 percent sure what to get your friends and family. Not to worry, though. Here’s the go-to last minute shopping list that is filled with Christmas gift ideas everyone is sure to love!

  1. A book. Books are always a good gift to give, and there’s hardly ever a shortage of them! Consider the person you’re getting a gift for. Even if they aren’t much of a reader, a book with an interesting cover can really draw someone in. Try to find something that matches their interests. Avid readers will probably want something that just came out recently, or even a vintage copy of some of their favorite reads. Someone who doesn’t read very often will probably want something that looks good on their coffee table or is about something they’re interested in. Consider a celebrity memoir or a book that’s been turned into a movie.
  2. A set of makeup brushes. For the friends and family who spend hours in front of the mirror or search for YouTube makeup tutorials in their spare time, a set of quality makeup brushes will really go a long way. Chances are they already have a favorite set, so do some snooping to be sure you can get them the perfect replacement set! Even the brushes that are regularly cleaned can get gross after a while. Consider taking it a step further and getting them a vase or glass to put their brushes in!
  3. An ornament: A simple ornament can really go a long way in the gift world. For last-minute shoppers, a wooden Christmas ornament you can put a photo in is a great idea. Simply print the photo at your local drug store, place it in the frame of the ornament and voila! Instant personalized, unique gift idea. Consider getting yourself one, too, so that you can have a matching set! Choose a fun, happy memory for your ornament photo, such as a vacation or even a birthday celebration.

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  1. A pair of fuzzy slippers. Who doesn’t love to ensure their feet stay warm and cozy around the house? Perfect for any last minute shoppers, a pair of fuzzy slippers are easy to come by and are a great example of a practical gift to give at Christmas that everyone loves. Whether you choose slippers that look more like clogs or slippers that have backs open or even let toes peek out, they’re a great gift option for you to give family or friends.
  2. Something for their pet. Whether you get a box of treats or a new cat toy, your friends and family will be so thankful that you thought of their furry friend to ensure they stayed happy. From pet beds to new collars and even a grooming session, there are many options for gift giving when it comes to a friend or family member’s pet. Plus, you’re a lot less likely to have to scrounge for the items. Pet stores are open all year round!
  3. A yoga mat. Yoga has many benefits, so why not give mats as gifts for this year? Encourage your friends and family to get healthy this year by giving them yoga mats for Christmas. It’s a great last minute gift because you don’t need to visit the seasonal aisle for it and there are usually lots of different options available. There are many different types of yoga that your friends and family can do, so giving them a mat to ensure they don’t inflame any joints or muscles can go a long way for them this Christmas. Consider getting yourself a mat and doing yoga together in the mornings or evenings!

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  1. A wireless keyboard. Wireless technology is the wave of the future. Cords get tangled and restrict your ability to move, making you less productive when you’re at your desk. Consider getting them a wireless keyboard to use at work! Whether you choose something with ergonomics or a smaller keyboard for efficiency, they’ll be very ecstatic to have something practical they can use at work.
  2. A basket of goodies. Who doesn’t love a basket filled with goodies? From candy to coffee and even to personalized ornaments and other small tokens, a gift basket is a great idea to give someone as a last minute gift. We’ve all been there — frantically browsing the stores for just one item that speaks to us, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Instead of one large gift, a basket filled with smaller items can really go a long way in making up for the whole “I bought this at the last minute” situation. They’ll be so busy unveiling all their new items that they won’t even realize you bought everything at the last minute!
  3. A blanket. One person can never have too many blankets. From thick, plush blankets to lighter cotton ones, a blanket is both practical and a design piece. Blankets come in so many different colors, patterns and textures that there’s definitely a blanket out there that’s perfect to add to your last minute shopping list. Find various textures and colors to give your friends and family for Christmas this year. That way, no one person gets a blanket that looks alike!
  4. A keychain. Keychains don’t have to be difficult. Whether you get one that reminds them of their alma mater, their pet or even their first initial, a keychain is a simple yet fun gift to give for Christmas. And it’s easy to add to your last minute shopping list! Try to find one that speaks a bit to their personality and interests. It’s very easy to tell if no thought was put into a keychain gift.

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