Jewelers create a broad range of jewelry designs, from classic to opulent designs with rare and expensive gems. As a result, there are jewelry pieces that are not only beautiful and elegant but also affordable. Some jewelers specialize in particular styles and precious materials. At the same time, others specialize in harnessing the properties of crystals. They create jewelry pieces that feature crystals and gemstones singly or in a combination of complementary crystals, just like you can see in some of the trees of life pieces from the tree of colour that are not only gorgeous but also affordable.

While you feel more beautiful and elegant when you match jewelry with whatever outfit you’re wearing, jewelry pieces also convey a specific message. They are not only fashionable, but can also express your beliefs or have a deeper meaning that is very personal. An excellent example is a tree of life symbol attached to rings, earrings, pendants, charm bracelets, and decorative items.

What Does A Tree Of Life Look Like?

A tree of life symbol looks like a big tree with outstretched branches. The character is enclosed in a circle, and the tree’s leaves can be accentuated with various crystals. In the tree of life decorative pieces, some pieces use only one type of crystal, such as citrine, which is supposed to attract success and prosperity. However, in some designs, the leaves use complementary crystals like amethyst, carnelian, citrine, blue quartz, green aventurine, red jasper, and sodalite.

The tree of life’s history is nearly as old as humanity. The first use of the symbol goes as far back as 7000 B.C. and has been adopted by many cultures, leading to the different interpretations for the tree of life. In religion, the tree of life symbolizes the Garden of Eden. For the Buddhists, it is the Bodhi tree where Buddha gained enlightenment.

Modern Meanings Of The Tree Of Life

In the modern context, the tree of life symbolizes the people’s connection to the universe. The trunk symbolizes strength and grounding, while the branches represent the people’s need for expression. Lastly, the leaves represent every person’s uniqueness.

When used in jewelry, the tree of life symbolizes a person’s connection to their family and origin. The branches of the tree represent the growth and evolution of a family. Some people interpret the tree of life as a symbol of fertility.

The tree can also represent growth, as there are trees that can live for thousands of years, such as bristlecone pine, Patagonian cypress, Giant sequoia, Sierra juniper, sacred fig, Coast redwood, and more.

The tree of life is likewise associated with rebirth. Most trees shift and change according to season, but they are very resilient and survive even in harsh environmental conditions. Living trees grow new branches and leaves, even when cut or snapped.

Trees exude a sense of tranquility. For instance, looking at trees or resting under a sturdy tree makes you feel calm and peaceful.

Types Of Jewelry For A Tree Of Life Symbol

If you want to be unique while expressing yourself, wearing jewelry with a tree of life symbol allows you to show your individuality and style.

  • You can look for a cool charm that you can use as a pendant or accessory to your bracelet, watch, mobile phone, bag, or wallet.
  • A tree of life necklace is popular today, and it makes you look stylish. You can choose from various materials and different styles, from classic to minimalist to bohemian. In addition, you can have beautiful crystals for the tree’s leaves, making the necklace genuinely unique.
  • If you’re looking for something creative and eye-catching, wear a pair of earrings with a tree of life symbol. There are several designs where the tree stands prominently against different stones and mediums.
  • Check out how a tree of life outlined in gold, silver, or other metals would look on your finger. There are several designs where the tree of life is shown prominently, either encasing the background stone or topping a signet ring.

Wearing jewelry with a tree of life design is a personal choice. It can have a spiritual or religious meaning, or it can symbolize one’s beliefs. It always has positive connotations, and anyone can wear it as a symbol of being connected to family.

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