Here’s a nifty guide you can consult when you’re hankering for Wings from Hooters.

Different Styles

There are several versions of the Hooter Wings you can choose from, although they might not all be available at every location.

  1. Original Hooters Style Wings. This is the version that started it all. It’s what established the fact that Hooters has more to offer than just attractive servers. It’s been around for more than 3 decades now, and it remains popular. It’s breaded by hand, and then tossed into your favorite wing sauce.
  2. Naked Wings. It’s a well-known fact that the breading is part and parcel of the Hooters Wings experience. But somehow, these naked wings are extremely popular, and some say they’re even more popular than the original version. Hooters simply takes out the breading then serves the wings with your favorite wing sauce. Perhaps these are popular because taking out the breading reduces the calorie content.
  3. Boneless Wings. Some say that this is the most popular version next only to the Naked Wings. They don’t have bones, so they’re much easier and neater to eat. It’s like eating a sandwich, or maybe chips that you dip into your favorite sauce. An order of 8-piece boneless wings costs $12, so it’s not as if removing the bones add too much to the price.
  4. Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings. Basically, Hooters takes the Naked Wings and then toss them in their Daytona Beach Sauce. Then the wings are grilled instead of fried. The secret Daytona Beach sauce has many imitators, but they just can’t get it right.
  5. Smoked Wings. Hooters take their classic bone-in wings and marinate them overnight. The next day, they smoke the wings over hickory chips so you get that smoky flavor you’re looking for. For this, you can pick from several rubs or have them tossed into your favorite wing sauce.
  6. Roasted Wings. They sure taste different than the fried wings, but roasting the wings reduces the calories.
  7. Unreal Wings. It’s a great name, because this is the vegetarian version of the Hooter Wings. Hooters partnered with Quorn to come up with this soy-free, non-GMO alternative. Many say that it tastes almost the same as the real thing, since you can also use the various dry rubs and sauces.

Sauces and Rubs

Hooters also offers several different rubs and sauces for your wings. That means you actually have 77 different versions to try (7 wing types x 11 rubs or sauces).

Traditional Buffalo Sauces

These can range from inoffensive to really hot.

  • This is for those who just don’t like it spicy.
  • You get a hint of spice along with a touch of flavor.
  • This is a classic sauce that offers a nice level of spiciness, without being too overpowering.
  • We’re getting into the really hot sauces now, as this is a lot spicier than the regular Hot sauce.
  • 3-Mile Island. As the name implies, you’ll go into a meltdown if you’re not a fan of super-spicy.

Signature Sauces (Ranked According to Heat)

  • BBQ. This should be familiar to most folks, and it offers the traditional sugary sweet flavor.
  • Parmesan Garlic. The garlic offers a nice enhancement, while the creamy parmesan balances things out.
  • Samurai Teriyaki. This is quite zesty, but it’s also great for those with a low tolerance for anything spicy.
  • Cajun. It’s a special blend of New Orleans herbs and spices. It also contains a bit of spiciness.
  • Chipotle Honey. This is even spicier than the Cajun, but the honey keeps it sweet.
  • General Tso’s. You can taste a bit of orange and ginger, while it’s faintly spicy and slightly sweet.
  • Daytona Beach. Again, it’s a bit hot and also a bit sweet. It’s often great for wings tossed onto the grill.
  • Habanero BBQ. Now the spiciness goes up again, as the peppers here sure are noticeable. It still retains the tang of the BBQ sauce.
  • Spicy Garlic. You can taste the roasted garlic, but this is even hotter than the 911 sauce.
  • Triple Dog Dare. This may be just as hot as the 3-Mile Island, though it comes with a Caribbean flavor as well.

Dry Rubs

  • Garlic Habanero. The garlic flavor is quite robust, and you get quite a bit of spice.
  • Chesapeake. This is a medium dry rub using mild Cajun spices.
  • Lemon Pepper. This is a mild, dry rub with lemon and black pepper.
  • Texas BBQ. This is a mild rub with honey and vinegar (and a bit of beer).
  • Caribbean Jerk. Again, you get the Caribbean herbs and spices.

Final Words

The Hooters Wings are great for just about any occasion. They’re especially popular when the Super Bowl comes around, since the sale of Hooters Wings almost triples on Super Bowl Sunday. They order 22,000 more wings than usual.

You can have the wings delivered if you want. You can also enjoy these wings in bulk, for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. You can even get hundreds of the wings.

But you can’t just go into a Hooters restaurant and order a thousand wings to go. Instead, you need to contact the catering division of your local Hooters. They can also provide you with anything else you might want to get in bulk from the Hooters Menu.

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