Are you looking to start your very own bakery and have concerns regarding your supplies? Or are you already running a bakery and would like a few supply tips to guide you on your way to success? Well you have come to the right place! 

Keep reading to learn what supplies you need for a successful bakery and where you can purchase them!

Frozen dough

To save you time and energy, you can use frozen dough to make the base of your bakery menu items. You can purchase frozen dough from Australian bakery suppliers and have them delivered straight to your bakery in a timely manner. There are many different types of frozen dough you can use for your bakery, from regular bread loaves to flatbread to rolls and scrolls. Different types of flour can also be used to make frozen dough, for example to make multigrain frozen dough, wholemeal frozen dough and even frozen sourdough.

Frozen dough is especially helpful for bakery owners who are looking to expand on the business side of things and would like to invest more in the expansion of their bakery versus the internal operations. To use frozen dough, you simply need to bake them according to their supplier’s instructions and customise them with your own preferred toppings.

Commercial equipment

If you are looking to make some menu items from scratch, you may need to consider investing in commercial equipment. As bakery commercial equipment can be quite expensive, it is important to purchase only what you need, and nothing that you are not quite sure that you need.

Examples of commercial equipment you may need for your bakery include:

* Commercial mixers for fillings and making small amounts of dough

* Dough divers and sheeters to separate your large batches of dough into the correct serving size

* Proofing cabinets specially designed for the proofing of your dough

* Commercial baking oven for large-scale baking needs

Fresh ingredients

Although dough may be frozen, some ingredients you may use to prepare certain breads at your bakery may require fresh ingredients. For example, this may include herbs and fruits. It is important to keep a stock of fresh ingredients to use for your menu, and calculate exactly how much you will need so that you do not have excess to throw away every couple of days.

Fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables can also add variety to your bakery menu. You can have a few plain buns and simply add dried fruits and vegetables to it to make them a bit more unique and suitable to your patrons’ tastes. Depending on which you choose, you can also make your bread products a bit more memorable as well. For example, hot cross buns with dried nuts and raisins may be more impressionable than regular hot cross buns.

Display cases

When it comes to running a successful bakery, some of the most important supplies you need are display cases. Not only do they add to the visual aesthetic of your bakery, they are also convenient for your customers as they can get a better idea of what you are selling. 

There are many different types of bakery display cases you can choose from. Depending on how large your bakery is and the amount of menu items you have, you may need varying sizes of bakery displays, as well as ones that are refrigerated (versus non-refrigerated options). There are also various styles of display cases, with a range of colours and border decorations. Make sure to pick display cases that match your bakery’s aesthetic while also being practical to use.

Having the right bakery supplies is integral to your success while running a bakery. Make sure to consider the supplies mentioned above and notice how they can contribute to your bakery’s success.

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