Top Flexible Food Packaging Trends in 2023

Finding the right packaging for your product is important, and not just because you need to be able to make your brand and its identity clear to customers who see it on a shelf. That is important, but there have been a lot of options with flexible graphic presentations for a long time. Today’s top choices for food packaging go beyond simple customizability and into the deeper needs and preferences of consumers in 2023.

Finding the right packaging features is especially important for food manufacturers, because how you present your product is a big part of who the customer sees. You want it to be appealing, and to support the enjoyment of snacks, prepared dinners, or any other food items you offer up. Whether you are looking for room-temperature shelf stability or a rugged design to resist freezer burn, today’s top options are custom print mylar bags designed to appeal to your customers.

Resealable Convenient Packaging

The demand for resealable packaging has been on the rise for years, especially where multi-serving frozen meals and snacks are concerned. Designing packaging that does not require the customer to find a spare container for leftovers is essential, and not just because the convenience is appealing to people. Resealable packaging also does a better job of keeping your products fresh, something that food packaging companies have been quick to pick up on.

It just makes sense to make the investment, especially if your brand image involves freshness. By reducing the work involved in keeping the items closed in an airtight container, you prolong the taste of a freshly opened bag. That’s great for crunchy items that are affected by local humidity as well as frozen goods that might be prone to freezer burn if left exposed.

Sustainable Packaging Materials

The other major trend in consumer preferences lately has been for sustainable packaging. Climate change and resource scarcity have become hot topics among consumers over the last couple decades, and showing a commitment to an environmentally-friendly operation is a great way to help underscore your commitment to providing healthy and nutritious food options. That is a very important ethos to maintain when designing frozen food packaging for small business because the marketplace is getting more crowded by the day and consumers are looking for choices that suit all their needs and preferences at once.

When it comes down to it, mylar bags are the rising star in the packaging world because they can be used for practically anything. From stand-up pouches that let you build a great shelf display to frozen food packaging that prolongs the freshness of your entrees and appetizers, it’s a great choice. An airtight, resealable, and recyclable material meets all your customers’ needs and provides you with a material you can print to suit so your design is front and center. How often is it that you manage to land on the thing that meets all your own needs and those of your customers at the same time? If you have not made the switch to mylar packaging yet, now is the time.

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