The amount of hard work and dedication that goes into creating a piece of art can’t be put together in words. No matter how big or small, it takes a strong purpose that drives someone to create something magnificent. A product that is full of thoughts and ideas, built to last decades, and meticulously designed. Unfortunately, we rarely come across such profiles in accessories, especially in jewelry pieces. Most pieces of jewelry, it seems, are built to serve for just one time with no attention to details and, most importantly, with no purpose.

Thankfully, most jewelry is like that – not all. There are still brands out there who work tirelessly to create something unique without compromising authenticity. They source their raw material ethically and collaborate with local artisans to bring a product to life. They make jewelry pieces that are a perfect marriage of form and function. Some of them have properties that keep a check on your mental well-being. We have shortlisted such pieces of jewelry that exude authenticity & purpose and are made with such panache that they’ll make you feel exotic inside-out. Read on.       

Gemstone Necklace

Gemstones are the world’s current favorite jewelry obsession. And for good reasons. Who wouldn’t like to own a piece of jewelry that is ethically sourced and has a personal touch of an artisan? From a Shugnite necklace to a Quartz pendant, every gemstone jewelry comes with its own unique properties and distinct stunning looks. The variety it offers in its colors is limitless. Moreover, they are just so practical to wear, and they have healing properties, which will keep your mental and physical health in check. These rare gemstones are nature’s gift to humanity, and we should honor them by adding them to our jewelry collection. They are the epitome of craftsmanship and authenticity. 

Token Bracelets

If you’re a fan of vintage-inspired jewelry, then this jewelry piece will be your next favorite adornment. The traditional tones, decadent charms, multi-colored jewels deliver to all your nostalgic demands. Although, for a more customized look, we recommend a stack of personalized bracelets – yes, a stack! That’s because one is never enough; you can style using thicker bands, tennis bracelets, and a couple of charm and token bracelets for a full summer vacation look. A sentimental element, such as your personal initials, an important date, or even your pet’s paw print, are additions that’ll make the piece of jewelry even more memorable and an instant favorite. 

Chunky Metallic Huggies 

Over the last few years, the jewelry obsession for heavy, chunky, metallic-tone hoops has increased. While Instagram celebrities may be the reason behind these eye-grabbing treats, one cannot ignore the simple yet iconic style they serve with any ensemble piece. Modern jewelry pieces such as Tanzanite earrings studs are perfect to go around town as they add a blend of class and attitude to your outfit and highlight your face in the most complimentary way. You can play with sizes big or small, choose enabled rhinestones for a dose of sparkle or inject some color with a trendy enamel pair, thanks to the famous Italian designer, Bea Bongiasca. However, the pigmented gold tones have become a huge crowd favorite this last year, thanks to Bottega Veneta and Saint Laurent’s Summer/Fall 2021 collection.

Chainlink Necklace

Certain classic and timeless jewelry pieces, such as the chain link necklaces, can be enjoyed or paired with any outfit of your choice. They’re versatile statement pieces that can polish off any look and fit any budget or style. From thicker chains to elaborate settings, the design is masterfully modern yet leaves enough room for you to explore your personal style. You may experiment with layered chains, other jewelry pieces, colorful charms, and fun motifs to make the piece meaningful and personal to you.

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