Burberry is one of the most popular fashion houses in the world. It has been known for its quintessentially British style and is one of the biggest brand names in the fashion industry. Apart from its iconic luxury clothing line, it also offers a wide range of fashion accessories, such as wristwatches.

For more than 150 years in the industry, Burberry has proven itself to be one of the top fashion brands. Characteristic design principles and ethos were put together in their watch collections, making them instantly recognizable. The mens and womens Burberry watches highlight everlasting classicism and sophistication, so they’re truly worth every single penny.

Hence, here are a few reasons why you should Burberry watches:

1. Top-notch quality and durability

All timepieces from this brand are made from high-grade stainless steel, making them rustproof, extremely durable, and even corrosion-resistant. It means Burberry watches are perfect for everyday use and can complement any outfit. You’re sure to get a piece that can last for a long time, and it’s worth your hard-earned money.

2. A unique and rich history

Thomas Burberry founded the brand in 1856. He was a draper’s apprentice who began his own outfitters’ shop in England. Since then Burberry has grown to what it is today. From creating clothes to shoes to accessories, the brand has been renowned as one of the leading fashion brands in the world. 

As for the watches, Burberry markets them for both men and women. Its watchmaking history dates back to the mid-90s, and up to these days, it continues to craft elegant timepieces that you can wear anywhere.

3. Partnership with Fossil

Truth be told, Fossil is the mastermind behind the Burberry timepieces. All watches were made in-house until this brand signed a deal with Fossil to handle the manufacturing of the watches in 2001. Fossil watches are known for their precision, high-quality components and movements, and reliability. As a result, Burberry watches are sure to have these features. 

4. Notable and sleek designs

The Burberry watch collections are remarkable, such as The Pioneer, Britain, The City, and The Utilitarian. There are digital and analog watches available in different shapes and sizes, so buyers can have various options to choose from. Burberry crafts timepieces with sleek and elegant designs, too. 

You can opt for round case ones, rectangle dial models, or distinctive rounded-octagonal case watches. Additionally, all designs have caught the eye of many from across the globe because Burberry designers take the design very seriously.

5. Swiss technology

Burberry timepieces feature the Swiss Technology Production or STP movement. It is a one-of-a-kind technology for production facilities in Basel, Switzerland. All watches made from the Burberry-Fossil partnership are completely Swiss-made, making the quality excellent. 

You can never go wrong with a watch that incorporates Swiss technology in its production because it is finely crafted with top-quality components and can even last a very long time. For anyone looking for an authentic luxury brand watch and who values cutting-edge watch technology, Burberry is the one for you.

6. Price point

Of course, Burberry is a high-end brand with products that come at a high price, too. It’s not a surprise that they are priced on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Nevertheless, Burberry watches are worth the price tag, unlike some big-name companies that sell watches on the market these days. 

With the quality, design, and construction of these watches, you get what you pay for. They may seem pricey upfront because you’re also paying for the high technology used in producing Burberry timepieces. 

Where to Buy Burberry Watches

When you’re planning to purchase a watch from Burberry, be sure to transact with authorized dealers and resellers only. You can also check the stores near you that sell these authentic watches. Since Burberry is a luxury brand, you know that the timepieces don’t come cheap. So you better buy from a legit seller to avoid getting scammed and purchasing a fake watch. Do your research first and determine where you can get the original ones.


The Burberry watch collections are something to look forward to. If you’re thinking about owning a luxury watch brand, then this is perfect to buy. It might not be the best timepiece, but it has all the qualities of being a quality Swiss-made watch. You’ll never regret spending money on Burberry, for it has proven its worth centuries ago. It has been a trusted brand over the years, and it never fails anyone when it comes to its wide variety of products, specifically watches.

Indeed, these things specified above should help you decide on finally purchasing a Burberry watch. The timeless design, superb quality, and long-lasting performance of these watches are enough reasons to choose this brand over the others. Thus, visit trusted stores now and see it for yourself!

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