All dentists need to have good dental business marketing strategies that will attract new patients to their practice. The big problem is that as a dentist, you have no expertise in marketing. Suppose you want to attract customers to your practice, partner with a marketing agency with a good record of successful dental practice marketing.

Here are some of the strategies of dental practice marketing that you should incorporate to improve your business.

1. Make Use of Appointment Reminders

If you want to improve patient compliance in your practice, make use of appointment reminders. They will help to ensure that your patients show up for checkups and scheduled cleanings. You can send a reminder via email, postcard, or phone call. You may also streamline this whole process via Google calendar alerts.

2. Referral Bonuses

It is essential to ask your current patients or friends for referrals. People tend to trust places friends recommend them. Incorporating referral bonuses will expand your business and retain your customers. You may consider giving a $10 discount for every successful referral. Consider handing out some referral cards to make this process easy.

3. Use Email Marketing

One of the effective ways of gaining new customers is through the use of email marketing. Ensure you regularly update your customers’ emails in your database. You can use these emails to send appointment reminders, bills, and touch base or follow-up reminders.

This also ensures that your patients can reach out to you via email and consult or book an appointment. It is essential to ensure you respond to emails promptly with three options of date/time that the customer can make an appointment.

4. Increase Yelp Reviews

One of the best marketing platforms is Yelp. The first place where young people go to look for a dentist is Yelp. This is because most individuals trust online reviews. Claim your practice listing on this platform to stimulate positive reviews. Even though you might get a negative review, aim for around nine positive reviews to mitigate every negative review.

5. Use a Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies can help to bring more clients to your practice. They use effective Dental Marketing strategies and build a community around your dental service to boost your revenue flow. These companies understand your marketing needs and then take steps to make your practice successful. Make sure you choose the right marketing service provider for the best results.

6. Create an Attractive Website

A user-friendly or visually appealing website is very important. Currently, there are online services such as Wix, which helps to design a practical and attractive web design. If your practice does not have a website, get one today. If you have a site, ensure it is up to date and make it mobile-friendly. Some clients tend to visit your website to see what your practice offers.

7. Use Facebook Demographic Targeting

Take advantage of the demographic targeting information that Facebook offers. Facebook allows you to target prospective customers based on the language spoken, employment, relationship status, personal interests, and income. Ensure you target your ads to women since they mostly make dental service buying decisions.

8. Use Click-to-Call Ads

One major goal of dental business marketing is to encourage new and existing clients to book an appointment. Most people book an appointment by making a call. So, try and use click-to-call ads that Google and Facebook offer for use on desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. You can as well add this extension to Facebook market ads or create a call-only campaign.

9. Create Facebook Ads for Local Market

If you are like most dental professionals, you might be looking to reach patients within the locality of your practice. Ensure you specify the people you are marketing to. Local awareness through Facebook helps you reach a local audience, and you can share critical information, including distance, address, get directions link, and hours of operation.

Final Thoughts

Ensure as a dentist, you try and employ the above marketing strategies to promote the growth of your practice. Encouraging or bringing new patients to your practice is your main goal, but the technique you use matters. Also, ensure you offer some customized discounts to encourage them to refer others and at the same time come repeatedly.

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