We could say we don’t care what other people think about us but it wouldn’t always be entirely accurate. The world is filled with people, and social media has shortened the distance between many people. Livebeam is a social media platform that houses many people worldwide looking to make an acquaintance, a friend, a business partner. We have studied long enough to understand that humans need humans.

In communicating with people, it is a great skill to be likeable. The ability to be communicated with and immediately admired by the person you are talking to is a life skill that can be learnt. There are actionable ways you can make yourself likeable. These actions work on all types of people and can help get you the right connections, opportunities, and assistance to the right doors. They are also very productive, once you can master them, the results show quite fast and quite well.

Here are the top skills that you should learn and implement into your lifestyle, either online or offline, in order to make people like you:



Sounds a bit cliche, but the first step to actually getting other people to like you is to be exactly who you are. This sounds so normal but it is very important. It is important to make sure that most of your actions are based on what you want and not what others want you to do. 

People are so used to everyone following the crowd that they admire those who step out from everyone’s shadow and become their own selves. This is why Livebeam’s mission has been to build a platform where the diverse community can express their originality freely. If you are having any fear about showing who you truly are in the online space, Livebeam may be one of the best places to start.

While maintaining this originality, there are extra features you can add to yourself in order to create a better version of yourself. These features are what complete the rest of the list as we go on.


  • Master The Art Of Making Jokes and Giving Compliments


As humans, we all try to be likeable but the truth is not everyone is. However, what we all are capable of doing is performing likeable actions. And of all the emotions you can make a person feel, the most likeable trait is your ability to make a person smile or, better still, laugh.

Jokes are the go-to in this situation but it doesn’t mean that you have to become a comedian. You just need to have a sense of humour. Learn to read the room and know when you can lighten a mood or even just make it better. It is a good skill to be able to make someone laugh but it could quickly become lacklustre if you do it too much or at the wrong time.

Smiling is quite easy to achieve. You can do this with compliments. There is always something that stands out in every person that they hold dear to themselves, identifying this thing is a skill. Once you can identify that new dress or the killer sneakers, or even the smooth skin that the person has put some effort into, that’s what you say nice things about. People like compliments, and they like it so much more when it’s about things important to them.

You can put these skills to the test in public places and in chats. For example, while watching streams on Livebeam you can chat in groups. This is a good time to lighten up the place and be seen as a jolly fellow.


  • Smile Often


A smile does many wonders. As much as it is just an expression, it is a skill to be able to consistently smile. Your smile can get you noticed, your smile can get you remembered, it can also be the reason why people feel comfortable approaching you. Being approachable is one of the perks of being likeable, it gets to a point where people automatically forget why they started approaching you in the first place and just begin to like you.

How do you apply this skill online? Take for example someone sends you a message saying “I need a favour” and you reply by saying “What do you want?” there’s a chance that the person could get scared off thinking you mean that in a wrong way. That’s where emojis come in. Emojis are your solution to consistent smiling and being approachable online. By adding a smiling emoji to your “What do you want?” question, you immediately show that you are happy to help and this immediately gives the person a feeling of warmth.


  • Think Before You Speak


Apart from being approachable, people decide who they like by their responses. This is why you have to pick your words carefully. You may be tempted to give quick replies and reactions to things, but it’s better to go through all angles of our words before we deliver them. This doesn’t stop honesty, it just helps to make you considerate while being honest.

It helps if you can develop a “stop-gap” skill. This involves you having a brief pause before any interaction, reaction, or response. It prevents rash decisions and promotes a sense of emotional intelligence. And who better to like than the person who cares about your feelings no matter the circumstances?


  • Be A Listener Who Doesn’t Judge


The most liked person in every friend circle is the person who listens most to the other friends. Being a good listener is a soft skill that should be learnt. The art of being able to listen to other people, feel their emotions, understand their standpoint, and give suitable responses and confrontations is a trait that people look for in others.

That’s not all. Listening is the first half of it. The second half is being able to listen to all manner of things and not judge the person. This is the kind of person everyone dreams of coming in contact with. It is easy to connect with people like this on Livebeam due to the platform’s values. You could sign up on the platform and have a direct experience with such people. In a matter of time, you will also be a good listener who doesn’t judge others.

In Conclusion…

The steps to being likeable are ones you take a day at a time. With the community and features on Livebeam, the platform is a really good place to learn and implement these skills. Once you are on board, all that is left for you is to keep an open mind and be your authentic self.

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