Almost every industry in the world needs content creators. There’s so much going on online that every brand is looking for the right content creator to crack the market and get the attention of a relevant audience.

Content creators are the new-age marketers and influencers, and you can make so much money if you have this talent. An interesting part of it is the freedom it allows. You could be creating content for the fun of it, or as a freelancer for many clients. You can also create content full time for a company.

Needless to say, there is wealth in the content-creating business, and many people are looking to get in. Brands are paying creators really well to make good adverts and PR campaigns to push them forward.

For a newbie creator in the game, it’s not so easy to get the attention of brands, you need to create a lot of content consistently to attain such a level of awareness about you. But how great would it be if you could start on the right path and even get some quick bucks before the endorsements start coming in?

Today, we are looking out for the upcoming content creators out there and want to help you start properly. This is why we’ve organized a list of 5 of the most profitable sites where you can start your content creation journey. We’ve made sure to help compose a list of sites that can help you get to making money quicker. 

5 Best Sites To Start As A Content Creator


We have seen a spike in the number of individuals saying, “Hello guys, welcome to my Youtube channel.” This is not just because most people like to talk or share their knowledge (We’re not saying there aren’t people who sincerely do), but also because they stand to gain something on the platform with consistent releases.

Youtube contents are majorly in the video and streaming line of content, much similar to the Allcreate site. With Youtube, you can easily measure your growth by the number of views, likes, subscribers, and comments you have. These are good metrics to take note of when you begin your journey.

YouTube offers a promising route to monetization. You can get a spot in the YouTube partnership program if you have a thousand subscribers and over 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last year. There’s a list of great opportunities available in the program if you can attain the numbers and follow YouTube policies. You can read more about it here.


Unlike Youtube which may be more limited to video content, Instagram offers the ability to show off other content like pictures and designs. For this social media platform, you have the metrics of followership, likes, and comments to help you measure your growth.

Instagram offers you monetization opportunities especially when you work for a known brand. For the newbies, increasing your number of quality posts is your primary priority. When you begin to have sufficient engagement on the platform, you could take advantage of a not-so-popular monetization opportunity on the app, the badges feature.

The badge feature is available on Instagram live. When you stream on Instagram, you can present badges on the live show which your viewers could purchase in exchange for unique and special recognition or proposals. 


The Twitter community is a circus. All forms of content creators are there. Those who create videos, audio, graphics, text, etc. That means it is the land of opportunities. It also means there’s a whole lot of competition if you want that brand sponsorship.

Twitter monetization is mostly external. It’s very easy to direct your Twitter page traffic to an external blog, website, or even an email list. This doesn’t however mean Twitter itself has no monetization schemes, it has a few internal monetization features with the exception of ads and branded sponsorships. Twitter offers 2 video content monetization schemes called Amplify Pre-roll and Amplify Sponsorships where you can gain money from premium videos posted on Twitter. There is also the Twitter tip jar feature you can activate on your profile and give your followers the ability to leave some money for you based on how your content makes them feel.


Allcreate is a streaming communication platform for all types of content creators. The platform is an untapped source of growth and income for new and growing content creators. You also gain followers and create a community where you feel your content will thrive.

One of the best things about this website is that your interest as a creator is protected. They look out for you by creating a safe online space where you can really let your creations out naturally and organically gain followers and engagements.

You have access to monetization on this platform. As you gain followers and make streams on the streaming platform you stand a chance of gaining rewards. Your followers are also able to shower you with appreciation and praises by donating online gifts if they really love your content. The good thing about this appreciation is how organic they are. You get actual commendations for your work. After a verification process, you can join the platform and begin to get in on its goodness. You can find out more about the platform here.


Clubhouse was released in 2020 and has brought a rise in the awareness of audio content. If you are a talented host, OAP, or you create any form of unique audio content, this platform was made for you. 

From the onset, Clubhouse had begun to put into consideration and implement different monetization schemes for the creators on the platform to benefit from. They introduced the “Send Money” feature very early for users to compensate their favorite online audio creators. More monetization plans are in place for the social media platform and they have shown themselves to be trusted. Their “Send Money” feature delivers a complete transfer of any fund donated to the creator without the platform taking any cut. It’s a good place to set up a structure.

Where Do You Start?

The endgame of content creation is to become a force to reckon with, which will in turn bring in the brands and partnerships. While that is the goal, it is important to have a good takeoff. These listed websites are very good foundations to build your personal brand and following. The added incentive of these sites is their offering of financial opportunities very early into your career. 

Online opportunities are limitless but so is the competition. Nothing limits you to start off on just one of these platforms. You can set up a good base on some or all of these spaces and grow on all levels till one becomes a silver lining. Take advantage of the growing platforms like Allcreate and Clubhouse which have not been overpopulated by other content creators. They could, as well, become good investments for the future.

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