When it comes to parking lot lights, there’s a lot that needs to be considered. In particular, the most obvious concern revolves around whether or not you are choosing the right commercial parking lot lights. And, there’s quite a bit to consider, starting with understanding the different kinds of lights available to you. Here’s what you need to know to choose the right lighting company for your parking lot lighting needs:

Why Only A Qualified Electrician Should Touch Up Your Parking Light Fixtures?

When seeking to update your parking lot lights with led lights, there are several reasons to go with a completely new installation versus attempting to retrofit your current lighting system. Modern LED-style fixtures produce a much brighter lumen output, help to regulate heat dispersion, and create a much more modern appearance.

Compared to halogen bulbs, which must be replaced every few years, and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), which last for decades before needing to be replaced, led light bulbs are a much better investment. Plus, they are readily available to most retailers, unlike CFLs and halogen bulbs. They are also a much safer choice for your parking structures, as they produce less heat than their incandescent counterparts.

How Many Bulbs Should I Use?

You should always consult with your chosen lighting company. The number of bulbs that you need to install will depend on several factors including the amount of sun your parking lot lighting fixtures receive.

For example, if you install a series of low-voltage led lights atop several high-voltage bulbs, you can expect to use approximately 100 lumens per watt, whereas installing a series of standard halogen bulbs alongside standard sodium lights will only use around half that amount. In addition, depending on the manufacturer, some products offer a “conditioning” option to allow your lights to retain their brightness for longer periods of time, extending their useful life by up to 20 times their initial purchase price.

How Should I Arrange My Lights?

Parking lot lighting can be arranged in several different configurations. You should plan how you want your lights to be situated to best illuminate your parking structures. This will allow you to choose the best placement for your lights and eliminate potential eye injury by following these guidelines:

Which LED Lights Should I Choose?

There are a number of different led lights currently available for use in parking lots. The most popular include: recessed led lights, floating floor led lights, landscaping led lights, and spotlights. Recessed lights are designed to fit flush against the surface of a parking structure. Floor led lights are designed to be installed between the top of your roof deck or on the edge of your roof beams.

What Kind of Energy Do LED Fixtures Use?

LED lights are an extremely efficient alternative to traditional bulbs. Although they cost more than halogen bulbs, they are five hundred times as bright and last ten times longer. This makes led fixtures excellent choices for high traffic parking lots.

Should I Use Post Cap Lights or Umbrella Lights?

Post cap lights are ideal if you don’t want to illuminate the entire parking lot. They come in a wide array of colors, so you can match them with the rest of your landscape lighting. Umbrella lights offer a streamlined look that doesn’t require direct access to your parking structures. They are also ideal for places such as garages, on-ramps, or near stairs.

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