Creating content seems like a simple task for those who don’t know all the nuances of writing. Usually, content writers have to deal with a lot of difficulties. Searching for primary sources, analyzing data, and interpreting information are basic challenges. Usually, writers need dozens of services to help them cope with various difficulties. But what if you’re new and don’t know where to start? Here are the must-have tools without which even you cannot create perfect articles and web publications.


And here is the first service that everyone should know about. Unicheck is a plagiarism checker that will help you create original content. Let’s say you found some interesting research and want to write an article for your blog. If you add a lot of quotes or data, you run the risk of plagiarism. Thanks to Unicheck, you can quickly identify problems and rewrite some sentences. Luckily this web service highlights all the plagiarized parts, so you don’t have to spend much time.

Such a web tool is also popular among students, as it allows you to deal with plagiarism quickly. But what if even such tools can’t help you get off the ground? In that case, you should look for web tools to help you write your papers from scratch. But first, read the onlineclasshelp reviews to know how to spot unreliable companies. Now you will surely be able to make the right choice and not regret the consequences.

Google Documents

You probably know that MS Word is one of the best content creation tools. But what if you’re forced to use your friend’s computer and don’t have access to home apps? Then you should use alternative writing services. You may pay attention to Google Documents. So this web service is completely free and allows you to create and store your text files on Google Disc. Plus, you can create content with your friends and colleagues in the same web document. This online option is especially crucial for companies hiring employees around the world.


Sometimes content writers are forced to write articles very quickly. It is at this stage that anyone can make grammar or spelling mistakes. Luckily, you won’t have to spend hours correcting your sentences and reading every line. LanguageTool is a great tool that highlights all the trouble spots in your article. You need to copy and paste the text into the field to start checking. The basic version is very handy for writers who avoid common mistakes. Another plus is switching between dozens of languages and analyzing possible errors.


Have you ever heard of readability test tools? These are functions that are available on some online services like WebFX. The main task of such tools is to analyze your content in several ways. Thanks to a quick text check, you will be able to understand how readable your sentences are. This writing service is especially important for non-native speakers who write too long and incoherent sentences.

Sometimes it can be difficult for native speakers to understand your general idea or individual parts of the text. Thanks to WebFX, you will quickly understand which sentences need to be rewritten. In addition, the so-called “readability indices” will allow you to understand where you made a mistake and what steps you need to take to improve your content.b


Imagine that you want to write an article about the best bee farms in California. Surely you like this topic, and you are ready to conduct preliminary research. But what about taking a look at your competitors first? Surely someone else is interested in bees and has already written a good article. By knowing what your competitors haven’t mentioned, you can create the perfect content that your audience will love. So you should download BuzzSumo, as this service helps you search for articles on the web by keywords. Just a few clicks, and you will know what content your competitors have created.


AnswerThePublic is a unique service that allows you to determine what the public thinks about a topic. Let’s say your query is related to iPhones or other Apple products. Enter your keyword, and you’ll see top questions like, “Why are iPhones so expensive? Are they made of gold?” As you can see, such a digital tool is ideal for finding the most relevant topics. In addition, you will know what questions should be answered in your articles. Besides, this site is perfect for creating good content plans because a list of relevant keywords will give you access to thousands of questions that you can answer.

Final Words

All of the above web services are ideal for writers. Regardless of your skills, you can count on a comfortable content creation process. Test each digital tool, and you will surely be able to choose the most important and convenient functions. Now you will no longer be afraid to make mistakes because you will always have a fallback option.

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