Suppose you’ve recently switched on the TV or visited a popular news website. In that case, there is an ongoing conflict, a war, or a terrorist attack destroying peace amongst various groups of people.

War and conflict are factors against humanity; we should understand each other better, strive for peace, and stand united, especially in today’s world where disease and power prevail.

Sadly, the truth is the exact opposite of this. Currently, there are conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Israel/Palestine. In fact, you’ll find one wherever you go, whether it is between a particular ethnic group or an entire country.

But as citizens and individuals, how can we deal with such a thing? How will it relate to us? How do we bring about a positive change to ensure peace? We aren’t experts in international relations or diplomacy, nor is this a 5,000 word-long thesis.

Let’s not dive deep into international peacekeeping but instead focus on each other as individuals who want to ensure a healthy, progressive, and peaceful community. This article will give you a general idea of providing peace amongst your local community, which is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for worldwide health and harmony.

Inspire Yourself By Looking At Young Change-Makers.

An easy way to impact your community is by learning about the impact of discrimination and conflict on your people worldwide, how these youngsters are addressing them to promote change. You need knowledge and experience to comprehend circulating issues and devise strategies for dealing with them.

One of the most effective ways of gaining that knowledge is through higher education. A degree like an MSW no Gre required degree that focuses on social work will help in this regard.

In addition, the option of studying online saves time, is flexible, and improves virtual communication and collaboration.

After learning about community and societal management, you can share stories with the people in your community through email, Twitter, Facebook, and community meetings. Then, converse with them and explore ways to become a change-maker yourself by becoming a community speaker.

Learn About The Decisions Of Local Officials.

Many countries are considering policies and proposals that promote creating secure places to play for children, walking routes for pedestrians, and exercise opportunities for everyone. For instance, MoveDSM is an excellent plan enforced by government officials to create safe transportation networks and pathways for people living in Des Moines, Iowa.

Similarly, the Central Wells Kids Coalition is also stepping in to impact families and their kids’ lives, allowing them to make healthier choices. So, the best thing to do here is to learn about various government initiatives and incorporate them into your community to improve health and well-being.

Be Skeptical About Media.

It is vital to understand that not everything you read in the newspaper, read online, or see on TV is true. Our media has a way of twisting things around and showing news and updates to earn a quick buck. After all, media outlets are running a business, and they need to make profits to survive.

So, they will do everything they can to do things that work in their favor.

As a result, you must think objectively for your community and get to know accurate sources of information, such as your local government officials. In the end, avoid falling for media scapegoating and try to stand united with the people present in your community!

Stand Up For Every Person, Not Just For Those Present In Your Community.

Suppose you’re fighting against injustice and prejudice for your community, family, or friends. In that case, you must realize that you will ultimately fail to protect the broader society as a whole.

So, whatever happens, don’t be biased toward the people living in your community. Prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination have no boundaries whatsoever.

So, ensure that you’re fighting for world peace and harmony, rather than your local community only. After all, every individual living on this planet has freedom and rights, and they must be respected at all costs!

Participate In Volunteering Opportunities.

Helping everyone, no matter their age, gender, and ethnicity, going through bad times is an easy way to bring about positive change in your community. So, participate in volunteering opportunities to ensure that you play your part in building a peaceful, progressive, and healthy community.

You can do this by heading down to your local community center and volunteering during your free time.

For instance, if you’re free during the weekend, you can help needy people at the local community center by offering help to distribute food amongst homeless people. Or you can donate a few bucks from your savings to improve your community infrastructure.

Whatever you decide to do, you must remain active with your volunteering opportunities and not take it as a one-off. After all, community betterment is an ongoing process and requires continuous participation from the people living there.

Participate In Your School’s Efforts To Encourage Healthy Habits Amongst Kids.

It is a well-known fact that your school will become healthier if you, as a parent, decide that it’s time to speak up and bring about change. With that in mind, search for opportunities to volunteer at your kids’ schools or school district via group and community meetings.

Moreover, encourage all school stakeholders to have healthy options available, such as healthier lunch options and non-food celebratory treats in the classroom.

Furthermore, talk to your district head about their health and wellness policies to know how you can play a part in making them better. In the end, community improvement starts at an early age. So, by encouraging our children to make healthier choices, we will be molding better, more informed leaders of tomorrow.

Accept The Fact That Identity Is Fluid.

An individual usually has more than one aspect to their identity. In fact, a person’s identity consists of various elements like religious beliefs, age, cultural-linguistic origins, and nationality.

However, identity is subject to change as it takes on new means and forms of expression when you adopt new beliefs, move houses, or learn new languages.

So, it is a must that you don’t put yourself in the box of categorizing people living in your community. In the end, everyone is a singular individual with unique needs and wants.


There are numerous ways you can become a peace-builder and a change-maker. However, while change is good for the health of your community, not every change will be effective.

In the end, diversity makes the world go round. That said, consider the ways mentioned above to bring about positive change into your community, allowing it to become more healthy, progressive, and peaceful in the process.

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