Finding the right workers has become increasingly challenging for employers in recent years. Since market demands have grown significantly, businesses are under pressure to improve productivity levels, thus the increasing need for qualified personnel. With continual technological advancements in focus, the world has shifted in such a way that it is imperative to examine the best ways to staff.

To stay competitive, business owners are moving away from splurging heavily on high-cost and sub-par employees and rather focusing on hiring affordable, highly-qualified candidates. Many staffing platforms currently offer affordable and accessible solutions for good reason. The ever-changing business landscape necessitates flexible staffing solutions for employers in Phoenix, whether they are scaling up or down.

UpShift is one such flexible staffing platform with a robust network that matches qualified candidates with employers seeking to fill vacant positions. The service streamlines the hiring process to give employers the flexibility necessary to adapt to changes. Here’s an in-depth assessment of the staffing solution from the perspective of businesses seeking on-demand staffing.

What is Flexible Staffing?

Flexible staffing involves the process of hiring, training, and managing personnel that are not a long-term fit with an employer. Unlike traditional employment arrangements, the process of hiring flexible workers is far less normal and often takes a shorter time than it does for a traditional full-time position.

In situations where an employer needs temporary help, flexible staffing makes more sense than permanent staffing. The staffing provider and the employer share responsibilities. While the former searches for and matches skilled workers to advertised roles, the latter selects a contract worker from the list of candidates provided.

It functions as an online marketplace for temporary employment, allowing both parties to work without a long-term commitment.

Why Flexible Staffing for Businesses in Phoenix?

Phoenix, Arizona has undergone a rapid growth spurt in recent years. In fact, according to U.S. News, the unemployment rate is 7.4%, below the national average of 8.1%. More than 14,000 residents are gainfully employed in this city, which translates into a rising workforce. But then, the shortage of qualified workers persists.

Many businesses struggle to hire skilled personnel as a result, especially small firms with limited resources. In addition, staffing requirements tend not to be consistent year-round and SMEs in the local economy often need to adjust their hiring needs to align with the season. The seasonal hiring patterns often lead to higher and lower costs as employees are only needed for specific periods.

Additionally, employers in Phoenix often encounter high turn-over rates, along with fluctuating demand, which makes it harder for them to retain talent and reduce downtime. To meet employee demand and increase productivity, businesses need flexible staffing solutions that can bridge the gap between their seasonal needs and staffing requirements.

How Does It Work?

Upshift offers employers the advantage of customizing their recruitment processes by using proprietary technology to attract and manage available and qualified talents more effectively. The platform recommends candidates to the employer that match the criteria. It connects both parties seamlessly, allowing them to chat, share files, and make more informed decisions during the entire hiring process. There are four steps involved in sourcing and retaining top-quality candidates:

Personality Assessment

All applicants undergo this assessment before being screened. It entails measuring a person’s behavioral and cognitive elements, like conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Based on collated information in these areas, HR professionals can identify potential candidates.

In-Person Interview and Orientation

At this stage, each candidate receives an in-person onboarding. Selected candidates undergo orientation before joining the platform. It’s one of the fundamental parts of the recruitment process. This step ensures that such individuals are better equipped to be successful once they start working.

Ratings and Reviews

Upshift allows each candidate to be assessed by the people that matter to them. This allows them to receive honest reviews and opinions on their performance. The platform reviews can help both sides during the hiring process — candidates can receive the right feedback, and employers can make the right choice based on that assessment.

Strict Disciplinary Policy

Upshift has strict disciplinary measures to ensure that its clients have the right people on board. The staffing platform can impose disciplinary action on people who violate its rules and regulations. While the process may seem stringent at first, it helps Upshifters maintain a higher standard of conduct.

These four processes provide employers with a reliable and efficient means to source and hire employees who match the skill requirements without compromising quality. Upshift has maintained its reputation in the industry through its commitment to excellent staffing, having a job success rate of 95.6%, higher than the industry average of 42 %.

On average, 12% of applications make it onto the platform. This shows how strict the service is in selecting the best candidates and keeping the quality of its members on par.

Flexible Staffing Demands in Certain Industries

Flexible staffing has gained traction across multiple industries. However, certain sectors can be easier for employers to manage using this service. Listed below are a few instances of this.

  • Cultural attractions and convention centers
  • Administrative, clerical and call centers
  • Warehouse, manufacturing, and printing
  • Fulfillment and distribution
  • Hotels, catering and events

These industries typically experience a fluctuating demand for staff and therefore benefit from flexible staffing services. Upshift’s flexibility eliminates the need for businesses to have employees on standby, which in turn lowers overhead costs.


On-demand staffing has proven to be an affordable and effective alternative to the traditional ways of hiring employees. With flexible staffing solutions, employers can reduce hiring costs and turn-over rates, among other benefits.

Through a well-planned process, businesses can find the most efficient candidates to improve productivity and lower the costs of hiring. In turn, employees and employers alike benefit from increased motivation and lower stress levels.

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