The skin around the eyes is several times thinner and more sensitive than on the forehead and cheeks. And that is why she is the first to suffer from age changes, fatigue, and the influence of external factors. Often already at a young age, so-called crow’s feet, swelling or dark circles under the eyes appear. You can get rid of them and restore the skin with the help of mesotherapy products. This is one of the safest and most effective procedures used in such situations.

Mesotherapy is an injection technique that involves the introduction of a complex of drugs into the middle layers of the skin. Thanks to the aiming action, they have the most pronounced and fast result. Also, the effectiveness of the procedure increases thanks to acupuncture – it strengthens local blood circulation and tissue regeneration.

Mesotherapy has been successfully used for 5 decades in the best clinics in the world. During this time, its effectiveness was confirmed by many studies and positive experiences of patients.

Indications For Mesotherapy Under The Eyes

Indications for mesotherapy in the area around the eyes are:

  • dark circles and puffiness under the eyes;
  • wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and under the eyes;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • unhealthy color, pigmentation.

Mesotherapy around the eyes will be effective if the defects that have appeared are the result of stress, regular overeating, vitamin deficiency, age-related changes, lack of oxygen in the tissues, and other external factors. If defects arose against the background of diseases of internal organs, then mesotherapy, like other cosmetic services, will not give the desired result. That is why it is necessary to diagnose the body in order to determine the true reasons for the deterioration of appearance.

The Effect Of Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy under the eyes is a complex medical procedure that is carried out in the conditions of a medical institution. The effect of rejuvenation is achieved by introducing into problem areas special solutions containing biologically active components in a balanced ratio. Once inside the tissues, substances begin to “work”, triggering several important mechanisms:

  • stimulation of cellular synthesis;
  • activation of tissue regeneration process;
  • acceleration of exchange processes.

The drug, which is injected through the thinnest needles to a depth of up to 4 mm, fills all irregularities and wrinkles, so the aesthetic effect can be observed already a few days after the procedure when the traces of microscopic punctures disappear. The skin acquires a uniform natural shade, “crow’s feet”, edema and other defects disappear.

How Does This Method Work?

Mesotherapy got its name from the word “mesoderm” – the middle layers of the skin, into which the drug is injected, are called. Thanks to penetration into the skin, its components are better absorbed and fully manifest their properties, as well as strengthen the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and other substances responsible for the youth of the skin. When using creams and other cosmetics, it is impossible to get such an effect, since they affect only the outer layer of the skin and do not penetrate deeper.

Preparations for mesotherapy are prepared individually. They can contain 5, 10, or more components, which provide a complex effect and solutions to several problems at once. In addition, the procedure improves blood circulation in the skin and activates its regenerative functions due to the injections themselves.

What Drugs Are Used?

For mesotherapy of the skin around the eyes, products with a gentle effect are used. They are prepared individually, taking into account the characteristics of the patient’s skin and the desired results. As a basis, a vitamin-mineral complex or a solution based on hyaluronic acid is usually used. The first is more suitable for eliminating puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. It improves local blood and lymph circulation and activates metabolism. Means based on hyaluronic acid moisturize and nourish the skin more strongly, helping to smooth fine wrinkles.

A complex of other components is added to the selected base, which allows for strengthening the effectiveness of the drug.

Most Often Used

  • vitamins of different groups;
  • trace elements;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • glycolic acid;
  • peptides;
  • phospholipids;
  • antioxidants;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • vasoconstrictor drugs, etc.

The effectiveness of the procedure greatly depends on the correct composition of the drug. A cosmetologist must choose the optimal components and the ratio between them. Therefore, it is better to undergo mesotherapy in a reputable clinic with an experienced specialist.

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