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There are various methods to explore when considering options to push out content and while each method has its peculiarities, content creators are gradually tapping into the opportunities that streaming and private podcasting offer. Live streams and podcasting have been found as very useful ways to go viral and most importantly, connect with your target audience. 

Podcasting is a method of content creation that allows for prerecorded audio content that is usually released based on a schedule made by the creator either weekly, biweekly, etc. On the other hand, streaming allows the audience to have a somewhat real-time experience with the creator. They’re able to watch events and follow through with whatever the creator decides to air live from their mobile devices. 

The reason for your choice of method of content creation or publicity depends on various factors like target audience, streaming platform, type of content, etc. There are platforms that do not allow you to create streams but you can watch and learn how it is done; Livebeam is a great example of such a platform, known for its additional streaming feature, that grants you the opportunity of viewing multiple streams and having a clear view of a good streaming structure. 

What Are the Core Differences Between Private Podcasting and Streaming?

Both methods are ways through which content creators communicate with their target audience through the sound of their voice. However, there are some slight differences between them which leaves the content creator with a choice to pick whichever suits them and their content and, as stated earlier, different platforms such as Livebeam can further influence your decision.

With private podcasting, creators are able to communicate their deepest feelings much more than they would on any other social media platform. It’s a suitable method for people who love to air their opinions on a certain subject matter meaning as a podcaster, you need to pick a niche whether entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, food, etc to work with so that your audience knows what to expect from you and you’re not all over the place. It’s also a way content creators are able to connect much more deeply with their audience.

However, with streaming, individuals and most especially organizations can show their viewers and audience a live experience of their programs, events, remarkable moments, and so on. Not all platforms enable that feature and so it is very important to be on the right platform; platforms such as Livebeam only allow streams to be watched, while some others like Instagram allow you the luxury of creating streams. 

Is Streaming better than Private Podcasting?

These two unique ways of producing and sharing content can be used effectively by the creator in the best ways possible. However, the big question is “Is one better than the other?” and if one is better than the other, which is it? The answer to this question is that it can’t be clearly stated that one of these methods either live streaming or private podcasting does better than the other.

As earlier mentioned, they’re both unique and can be used effectively depending on the creator’s choice. As a creator, however, your target audience have to be considered when making a choice of which method to adopt. For private podcasting, your listeners are able to easily perform other tasks while listening to your podcast. However, video streaming requires maximum concentration with your eyes and ears. The Livebeam audience log in during their free time to enjoy the content on the platform, it won’t be enjoyed fully while reading, cooking, or performing any other activity. 

Your media platform is also a determining factor in whether you’d be better off with video streaming or podcasting. If you do not have access to some of the best media platforms like Youtube that have quality streaming features, your audience won’t have a wholesome experience streaming your video. However, note that most streaming platforms if not all, have their streaming time and regulations on how your content can be accessed. 

From an audience point of view; if you are considering which content is better, it’s a matter of preference and level of attention. As stated earlier you can enjoy a podcast during different types of work, they do not need your visual attention and their message will get to you. On the other hand, to enjoy a stream, you need more attention. However, this isn’t a flaw; the visual addition of streams provides them with an edge. With streams you can get more information and spend your time well, hence the adoption and availability of streams in modern social media platforms including Facebook, Livebeam, and Instagram.

What Is The Best Choice To Make?

Notable things to put into consideration before you decide either to produce podcast content or focus more on video streaming are; target audience, choice of content, media platform, and creator’s availability.

  • Target Audience

If your choice of content would do better as a live broadcast maybe as a lifestyle creator, it means your target audience understands that and are willing to stream your content as many times as possible. Sometimes, as an organization, video streaming would also come in handy especially if you organize a lot of events. This allows your audience to watch remotely and enjoy the experience from the comfort of their homes. It’s usually not a hard decision for your audience to stream if you produce quality content, this is obvious with the Livebeam audience who continue to experience the video streams available to them.

  • Choice of content

Your choice of content as a creator will determine if you should be a podcaster or focus on making live videos for your audience. Content that involve showcasing your lifestyle, vlogs, etc. are better suited for an audience who enjoy streaming videos. However, if you have an in-depth understanding of different topics in sports, entertainment, fashion, etc, you might want to consider recording podcasts for your audience.

  • Media Platform

Not only are some social media platforms easy to access and easy to navigate, but they also have special features that make you and your audience’s streaming experience worthwhile. Some of those social media platforms worthy of mention are Youtube, Instagram, etc. If you decide to be a podcaster, some of the best recommendations are Google podcast, Spotify, Anchor, etc. As a creator, making use of good platforms will boost your confidence and efficiency. As an audience looking for where to watch streams, Livebeam also has a pretty good shout.

  • Creator Availability

As a part-time content creator who barely has time to make content but would still love to connect with their audience and release content consistently, you can make the best out of audio content through a private podcast. It helps you to create content as much as you can when you are less busy and schedules their release at your preferred time. However, it’s important to pick a niche that you can easily make a lot of topics out of. With this, you won’t struggle with consistency and you would have your audience glued to your content.

In conclusion, both methods of content creation aren’t limited and provide a great opportunity for creators to connect with their target audience. However, making a choice on which is best for you and your target audience depends largely on some of the factors that have been earlier stated. If you’re determined to learn the ropes of creating content of either method you can look for suitable media platforms to find such content. Anchor is a good place to start with learning private podcasting, while Livebeam has streams available for your viewing and learning pleasure. 

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