Meeting and dating a single mom is something of both danger and marvel to some people. Danger, because in comparison to dating an ordinary woman without kids, going out with the mother is something else entirely – there are a lot of factors to count in, numerous potential issues, and lots of commitment.

And why marvel? Because it is guaranteed that you’ll be dating an experienced, interesting lady with lots of stories to tell, gentle (albeit often a bit nervous at times), caring and a real pro in time-management, because how could she not, balancing job, dating, and kids.

But anyone dreaming of meeting a single mother either in real life or on online dating sites will have to find a time for themselves in that schedule. That’s where our article comes in handy. We’ll explain how to meet a single mother available for dating, what rules you should follow, and everything you shouldn’t do!

Find the Right Approach to a Single Mom

Imagine a busy lady. She’s got her hands full – her child needs their clothes washed, homework done, food on the table, and we don’t even mention that all of that needs to be paid off with the money she earns at her place of work! Is it possible to find an edge, the right place, and time to approach her? Your best bet would be going online since, in the XXI century, the Internet and online dating sites are what is making single moms hook up possible because they are relaxed environments where single moms come to have fun. Nevertheless, online dating is only the tip of the iceberg, which we’ll talk about in detail later, so here are some do’s and don’ts in dating single mothers:

  • Don’t try your luck directly. Approaching on the street or in a convenience store might’ve worked in simpler times, but now it’ll only raise her suspicion, making her wary of any potential suitor. Even worse if she’s with the child – helping her carry a heavy bag might be appreciated, but she’ll likely refuse even that. When she’s not alone, she’s in a caregiver mode, not mingling mode, and switching them manually while the child is still present is next to the impossible.
  • Then what to do? If you want to pursue your chances with a single mom, try going after her in a relaxed environment. Lounge, bar, a nightclub, somewhere on vacation – there’s a high chance that a lonely lady in her 30s you approach will be a single mom. Those chances aren’t absolute, though; she might be married or childfree, then what to do?
  • So, for a guaranteed hookup, you might try online dating sites. Going online solves most problems in one hit: if she’s there, she’s comfortable with her situation, looks for potential suitors, urges relationships and hookups, and, most likely, is open about her position as a single mom. Start a conversation, show your respect to her dedication, pay attention, and once you two are comfortable with one another – have a date or a hookup.

Accept Her Children as Your Own

Arranging a date, either through online dating or some offline means, brings a new phase to your relationship. Now you are as close as ever, going out and making each other feel good, yet one issue remains – you have yet to meet her kids. Or even a single kid, it doesn’t matter. What matters is this meeting will be a definitive moment in your relationship – if they accept you, it’s going to be all right, if now – that was simply a great online dating mingling, nothing else. So how do you win over the most important thing in her life?

By being a good, honest man. That’s really it. If you have children – you know how to behave, just like with your own kids, by showing respect, love, and care. Don’t have kids? Well, then the first time being friendly (and bringing gifts and asking about their favorite stuff so your gifts the next time might be even better) is enough, yet if your relationship with this lady will deepen even further than you expected when you started dating online, simply treat them as they were your own. It’s not the easiest task in the world, but the payoff is immense – adoration from the entire family, not just the mom. There’s no use in being distant; there are simply no arguments for that.

Change Your Classic Idea of a Single Mom

Some people think of single moms as always-tired, grumpy women who do not take care of themselves, but this old stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth. Thanks to all of the advantages the modern world offers, many single moms work easy hours at their white-collar jobs, manage things around the household easily thanks to the Internet and other technological marvels, keep an eye on their kids and build their relationships in their free time. Change your way of thinking and become surprised by how amazing being a partner of a not-so-single-now mom is, thanks to online dating and… by being a good person.

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