Healthcare, in general, is a tough career choice, but nursing, in particular, can test a person’s limits. The nursing industry is one of the most challenging and demanding sectors in society. Not only does it push you to your physical end, but a job in nursing can test your patience and ability to work under pressure.

It’s no surprise that nurses have some of the highest stress levels compared to any other profession. If seasoned nurses go through this much struggle, you can imagine how hard it is for newcomers.

A piece of advice for new nurses, stress management, begins and ends with managing your schedule. Find ways to manage your schedule in the most efficient way to avoid burnout.

We understand how difficult it can be to adapt to the demands of the job. However, by the end of this article, you should have a better idea about managing your schedule and strike the perfect balance.

Opt For Remote Learning

There’s nothing worse than finishing a grueling shift and having to go to night school. It’s draining. Moreover, with most nurses continuing their education as they work, this happens to be a reality for far too many professionals.

However, things aren’t as bad as they once were. You can now continue with your work and pursue your education more efficiently.
A masters in nursing online might be what you’ve been looking for this entire time. A remote learning option is considerably easier to fit into your schedule than a full-time degree.

It gives you the liberty to dedicate time at work and come home and take your classes in comfort without going out of your way to attend a physical university.

The more comfortable and at ease you are, the better the learning process will be. Therefore, online learning acts as the most efficient form of education while continuing alongside your career.

Don’t Plan Anything When You Come Home

One of the most irritating things is coming home and having to do chores. You have pulled your weight ten times over during your shift, and you really shouldn’t have to do any more at home.

Cooking, cleaning, and washing are just everyday house tasks that the family dumps on working nurses.
The best way to avoid this is by assigning responsibility around the house. You should teach your children to pick up and clean after themselves from a young age.

Moreover, if your spouse comes home earlier than you, consider having them cook the evening meal during the week. It’s not selfish to ask for these essential functions to be fulfilled. The entire family needs to play a part and understand the nature of your job.

If no one can cook, find a cheap place to order food from as often as possible. The cost factor might skyrocket, but it’s worth it when you have a hectic schedule.

Get Enough Sleep

This may sound like a no-brainer, but we need to repeat it as much as possible. Design your schedule in such a way that you get enough rest. You should typically finish with the day’s tasks at around 8-9 pm and then get to bed at about 11.

Moreover, it would be wise to darken the room, put your phone away, and maybe read a book. A book is more psychologically engaging than watching TV. Moreover, it helps you fall asleep.

Most nurses work a 9-5 shift (if they’re lucky); waking up at about 7:30-8:00 am ensures that you get the recommended amount of sleep to function as an average healthy adult.

Other than that, it would help if you had your batteries recharged to deal with the day ahead. Being tired during the day can impair your judgment and cause potentially deadly fumbles in your work.

Make Time To Socialize

You may not have the time to meet your closest friends during the week. If that’s the case, you may want to consider socializing within your workplace. Socializing within your schedule Is a great way to draw on your colleagues for advice and support.

Moreover, doing so within work hours ensure that you have time to do whatever you want when you get home.

Going home and having to tend to your friends can be a real drag. Work friends have a significant professional boundary (if you want) and don’t take up too much of your time. Moreover, sometimes, you need to vent at the moment. Coming home and blowing a fuse may not be the healthiest way to cope.

Other nurses also know precisely what kind of struggles you are dealing with and can help you overcome whatever is bothering you. Moreover, it’s nice to have like-minded people around you; it makes for a more comfortable working environment.

Use A Notepad/ Calendar On Your Phone

To make sure you don’t forget essential things during your day, consider adding easily digestible reminders. Short keywords that help you remember important events during the day are one of the best ways to manage your schedule.

From simple things like what time to do your rounds to more significant issues like filing patient documents. Forgetting these things can have colossal implications, so try to store them in your phone’s database.

It’s a great way to keep things close by, and you don’t waste paper. Diaries are outdated, and it can be irritating to lug them around the whole day. Your phone is almost always in your pocket. Whip it out and check what’s next in your day.

You can even keep a widget that brings the notepad/ calendar app to your home page—managing your schedule and avoiding burnout with every entry through the tiny touch screen devices.


Burnout is one of the leading citations when cashing in vacation days in the healthcare sector. Millions of nursing practitioners face the effects of stressful work environments and succumb to the physical and mental demands of the job.

We cannot thank nurses enough for the roles they play in our lives. Perhaps this article stands to improve their lives and make things more manageable. Understanding your limits as a nurse is very important.

You can manage your schedule to perfection, but if you constantly bite off more than you can chew, you will probably burn out soon. With that said, it would be wise to follow as many tips as possible, from using remote education to balancing your social life and everything in between.

Do what you think is best and ignore the rest!

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