Have you ever wondered why so many people love a beach holiday? The combination of sun, seawater, and salty air is a recipe for relaxation, and while many of us have our own different reasons for wanting to spend quality time at the beach, there are some we all share.

These include getting enough vitamin D, as well as getting into a calm state by enjoying beautiful sights and listening to the crashing waves. In short, a little iodine, magnesium and salt from the salty water are just what we need to get optimal health and well-being. This leads us to the question: If one could reap all these benefits from a short trip, how many more benefits lie ahead by turning the holiday into a lifestyle?

It’s not surprising why owning a beachside retreat has often been the ultimate dream. It’s both a blessing and a curse to live in Australia, the country with mesmerising sandy beaches and expensive housing, however, you’re not that far from getting the perfect beach style homes with the modular concept.

It’s a housing solution that’s gotten a bad rap in the past because of the poor bungalow-like construction and few options of customisation. Be that as it may, with the use of advanced technologies and state-of-the-art machines, the age-old misconceptions no longer do it justice. And we’re going to see why that is!

Modular Means Better

Modular homes may have had shady constructions decades ago, but the designs of today are everything the stick-built homes are – and more! Since they too are based on the same building codes and standards as the traditional counterparts, you can rest assured nowadays the advanced beach house designs are just as great and safe to live in.

Moreover, these specific codes and standards show how different they are from other prefab homes, as in the case with the mobile concept, which is often wrongly used interchangeably with the modular. With great attention to detail, including when it comes to the quality of the materials, nothing goes to chance when designing and constructing these homes.

One significant aspect that makes them of superior quality, even when compared with the conventional buildings, is the use of top-notch steel frames instead of the usual timber and concrete. This very component guarantees their long-term value, so what you invest now in beach style homes would more than pay off in the years to come.

You may not have heard of it, but now they’re designed with a passive and sustainable approach that takes the specific site and local climate conditions into consideration. In other words, you get a home like no other, one that reflects relaxed outdoor living, fit for the exact seaside location in terms of features, floor plan, materials, and comfortable indoor air and temperature!

Modular Means Faster


Source: architecturaldigest.com

When you decide to get your dream coastal getaway, choosing from the most convenient Australian beach house designs, you can bet time won’t come in between because the modular concept as we know it today relies on a quick construction process. This wouldn’t be possible without the use of machinery that makes every step precise.

In addition, the fact most of the building happens away from the site, in enclosed facilities, ensures the elimination of the usual on-site setbacks in the example of harsh weather exposure, theft, and vandalism.

Every bit happens in controlled environments, with controlled precision, which leaves out the chance for mistakes and delays. Add to this timely transportation of the modules and their assembly on the location with a highly trained team and you get homes completed right on schedule!

Modular Means Safer

Source: modscape.com

These prefab homes are safer for everyone – you, the construction workers, and the environment. All the more reasons in favour of the modular concept!

Safer for You

Having in mind the modular beach style homes have durable steel frames and other components, they’re very resilient to pests in the likes of termites, fungi, as well as prove to be the perfect solutions in cases of bushfires and extreme weather such as cyclones. Another way they turn out to be a better alternative is regarding indoor air pollution.

With the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials like those low on or without VOCs, improved insulation and ventilation, you won’t have to worry about health issues related to bad indoor air quality even if you decide to skip a few beach days and spend them in your abode as you enjoy the beachside views.

Safer for Construction Workers

Given that the construction isn’t carried on-site means workers benefit from a controlled environment where they aren’t exposed to harsh weather, slipping accidents and injuries. Even tall and vertical structures are no longer a threat thanks to the possibility to build them horizontally in the factory or warehouse.

This is a practice that eliminates the necessity for access equipment such as scaffolding, cranes, and ladders. The happier the workers are, the fewer the paid leaves, and construction delays. Everybody wins!

Safer for the Environment

One of the biggest issues with traditional buildings is the waste mess left behind. This too is a thing of the past with the modular design beach house architecture if we take the precision process into consideration. The utilisation of cutting-edge machines helps with the proper use of materials so there’s little waste that ends up in the landfills. The sustainable practices, such as reusing, recycling, and repurposing further benefit this aspect.

Source: architecture.com.au

One of the misconceptions about modular housing is that because it’s cheaper it also must be of lower quality. As explained, the materials and building processes are of the highest standards, and the lower price stems from the faster completion. Thanks to how controlled each step is you can be aware of the full price you’d get to pay beforehand without the worry of jaw-dropping extra costs.

Still, be advised to consider everything that might be part of the price, from the piece of land you buy to the money required to prepare the land for the modular installation. If you’re thinking of getting a loan, be prepared for a bit of a challenge and explanation to the providers as to why modular is just as sturdy and durable as the stick-built alternative. Being armed with the plans of your dream beach house project could assist with getting that needed deposit!

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