Your choice of online slot games may determine whether you have a good or unpleasant time at an online casino. Choosing a game wisely increases your chances of success.

Playing slots online can provide a fun and exciting gambling experience. With an online slot machine, you can enjoy all the fun of virtual gambling with no hassle.

There are lots of slot games available online today. To maximize your gaming experience and your chances of winning, consider key factors when choosing online slots.

iGaming specialist Conrad A. Brennan shares tips on how to select the best slot games at a casino for the beginners.

Three Factors to Consider When Choosing a Slot Game

Before selecting a slot game at a casino, you should consider these three crucial factors. They include the following:

  • Payback Percentage: Payback percentage, often referred to as Return to Player (RTP), is the deciding factor in online slot performance. RTP indicates the expected return on investment for a particular online slots game. The longer you play a certain online slot game, the more accurate the payback percentage will be.

Most video slots at a Canadian online casino include a payback percentage that you may find with little research. This will enable you to compare them according to what you can anticipate. Additionally, it should assist you in selecting the appropriate real money games.

  • Online Slots Volatility: Volatility in online slots is directly related to payback percentage, mainly when calculating your bankroll. A high-variance online slots game will subject your bankroll to large, fast swings between highs and lows. In comparison, a low-variance game will almost certainly deliver more consistent play with a less volatile bankroll.

Understanding this is critical since it will assist you in determining the size of your bankroll. Ultimately, choosing new slots online at any Canadian casino based on volatility means determining what you expect from the gameplay.

  • In-Game Bonuses: Another way developers of online slots add spice to the action is by including various bonuses within the game. For instance, you may be able to engage in free spins, which allow you to generate prizes risk-free. Alternatively, you may activate multipliers, which will double any winnings you receive.

As online slots get more sophisticated, they incorporate a higher number of these unique features. If you’re bored with the typical rhythm of online slot games, bonuses can provide a breath of fresh air. Additionally, they can be quite lucrative.

How Slot Machine Works

Slot machines are configured in a manner that the casino can’t alter the outcome after it has been approved. Likewise, online casinos can’t modify the game’s outcome due to the random number generator software placed on the slot machines. It also serves as a mechanism for establishing trust between casinos and players.

The odds of winning determine slot machine payouts at Canadian casinos. In most situations, it’s also related to the sort of machine you use.

Slot machine payouts are determined by the number of paylines used and the amount wagered. As a result, if you played with a lower stake, you should anticipate a lower winning percentage.

Kinds of World Classic Slot Games

Here is a list of three types of classic slot games that are available online today. They are:

  • Video Slots: In online casinos, video slots (also known as 5-reel slots) are popular. When mechanical levers fell out of style in the 1970s, these slots came in. They were the first digital slots in casinos. 
  • 3D Slots: A complete slots portfolio would be incomplete without 3D slots. These slots were released in the 1990s; however, the present versions are nothing like the originals. Instead, the aesthetics have been updated with vibrant animations and modern effects. 
  • Progressive Slots: This type of slot is sometimes known as jackpot slots since they pay out the most. They are usually the most enticing slot games at an online casino.

Slot Games Launched in 2022

You will find below our list of slot games in 2022. The list contains five recently released online slots, and they are:

  • Pussycats Valley Slot: Released on Feb 17, 2022
  • Fruit Smash Slot: Released on Feb 15, 2022
  • Elemental Gems Megaways Slot: Released on Feb 10, 2022
  • Wild Tundra Slot: Released on Feb 10, 2022
  • Poseidon’s Rising Expanded Edition Slot: Feb 10, 2022


Finding a game you understand well may help you decide how much to wager and what to expect from the game.

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