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The Telegraph suggests that a pillow can play a vital role in either reducing or worsening the neck and back problems.

It’s important that you make a learned choice. One such great choice is that of the memory foam bamboo pillows. Our best bamboo pillows review will help you make a better choice.

They are made up of polyurethane filling and a cover that contains a mixture of polyester and bamboo. In most cases, the ratio is 60% polyester and 40 % bamboo.

The support given by memory foam and the softness of bamboo cover gives you the best sleep. Due to the comforting properties of bamboo memory foam pillows, they have become a hot sensation.

Why Go For Bamboo Pillows

Here are some factors which give bamboo memory foam pillows an edge over traditional types:

1. Hypoallergenic

Bamboo is a naturally hypoallergenic material – it is unlikely to cause or aggravate any allergies.

The dust mites and bacteria that cause allergies have no chance against bamboo pillows. It’s a great health benefit associated with these pillows.

2. Environment Friendly

Mother Earth Living declares bamboo as one of the great alternatives to other components in fibers which aren’t so environment-friendly.

On the other hand, bamboo is grown without pesticides.The fact that bamboo is brought up without using any pesticides makes it one of the best Eco-friendly choices. Bamboo requires very little water to grow and gives a high yield with almost no toxins.

3. Great Comfort

Comfort is one of the greatest advantages of bamboo memory foam pillows. The comfort they offer is incomparable.

The internal filling of memory foam gives the support you need for your head, neck, and back. It provides relief from back and neck aches. Moreover, it’s made up of open cells of polyurethane.

It helps avoid trapping extra heat. In addition, the bamboo is naturally cool. The combination of bamboo and polyester in the pillow cover ensures a temperature that’s moderate.

Besides, another aspect of comfort is the combination of firmness and softness. The bamboo covers are silkier and have a very soft texture. Whereas, the memory foam has good level of firmness for necessary support.

Have you ever thought how many sweaty hands have landed on the same barbell and dumbbell that you’re using right now?

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The Bamboo Village says we can benefit as a society from the remarkable properties of bamboo-based fabrics. It acknowledges bamboo as environment-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable.

They are available in a range of sizes, firmness suitable for every sleep position and thickness. Let us find out what makes them a good choice and how to select the best one.

Best Bamboo Pillow Buying Guide – Factors To Consider

1. Durability

Most bamboo memory foam pillows available in the market would not wear out even after years of use. However, it’s important that you make a smart choice. Usually, a bamboo cover that consists of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester would be a reliable one.

2. Size

Bamboo memory foam pillows are available in a fairly wide range of sizes. However, the dimensions would be different for various brands.

For instance, the king size for one brand may not mean the same dimensions for the other brands.

So you need to make sure that you know exact dimensions before buying. Moreover, the size you choose for your pillow depends on upon the size of your bed.

Here you would also need to understand another point about size. Don’t get disappointed if your pillow seems unusually small in size when you just purchase it.

Moreover, it may also look de-shaped. The bamboo memory foam pillows may seem smaller in the beginning. However, in a couple of days, they would gain size and grow into their normal shape.

3. Sleep Position

Your natural sleep position is another decisive factor when it comes to purchasing the best bamboo pillow.

Sleep position determines both the level of firmness and the height of your pillow. Back sleepers would normally prefer thinner pillows.

It’s because they provide support to their necks and keep the spine in right position. Side sleepers may prefer thicker and higher pillows. Whereas those who sleep on their stomach would need a thinner one.

4. Pillow Firmness

The level of firmness of your pillow significantly defines the quality of your slumber. Some prefer firm ones for better support while others are comforted by softer ones.

Although it’s completely up to your preference, pillow firmness is also dependent on sleep position.

As a general rule, back sleepers usually prefer firmer ones for better support. Those with a backache issue can go for firm and supportive pillows.

Whereas the side sleepers usually prefer soft pillows providing a cushion to their neck and shoulders. Stomach sleepers can also opt for firmer ones to avoid suffocation.

In Conclusion

Bamboo pillows are an excellent choice for those who are looking for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

Just like the mattress, and mattress toppers, the pillow is a crucial component for a peaceful sleep.

A good choice can greatly reduce the problems of inadequate or low-quality sleep. The Healthy Back website stresses that a pillow affects the way your head aligns with your back.

It can greatly affect a backache, headache, and other issues. Memory foam pillows with bamboo covers are no doubt a wise choice because of their unique cooling properties.

I would opt for Comfort Shredded Bamboo pillows Cover. It’s made with the latest technology to provide a cool and smooth sleep. Moreover, it’s light on the wallet while providing durability and comfort.

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