Wet Room or Bathroom – It’s Your Choice!


Who out there hasn’t stayed over at a nice hotel, resort or even some friend’s house, and not been duly impressed with the design of the bathroom?

Those frameless, glass shower screens were what made the place look all the more spacious, and gave it that extra touch of class.

For those who don’t know, a frameless shower screen is utilised to enclose a shower, and the best ones are made from glass. They are mostly seen all over Europe, and come in a range of different materials, qualities, and price ranges.

Keeping Them Clean

  • Frameless glass, shower screens are usually easier to clean than shower curtains, and last much longer without the higher price of a sliding door.
  • Sliding shower doors can also be difficult to completely clean because they can be hard for some people to reach.
  • If your bathroom is in need of restoration, leadlights repairs can help you out with a classy looking frameless shower.
  • A shower screen provides simple cleaning, plus a more economical solution than a shower door.
  • Frameless glass, shower screens keep water and steam enclosed in the shower area, while adding aesthetic value to a bathroom.
  • There are a number of different types of glass shower screens available, including fixed panels, sliding doors and hinged doors.
  • And while some frameless glass, shower screens, fully enclose the shower or bathtub area, some only partially enclose them. It’s your choice of design!


  • A fixed pane of frameless glass is one sort of glass shower screen available and covers only a portion of the shower area, and there are fixed panes that enclose a shower available also.
  • The glass shower screens have a hinged door that gives access into the shower area.


  • A popular choice for those who opt for a frameless glass screen, the stationary piece holds up by itself without any need for a metal frame.
  • Made from sturdy clear glass, these screens have the effect of making a bathroom look bigger by not blocking off space that is normally obscured because it is in the shower.
  • Frameless glass screens are fixed to each other with metal fixtures.

Another Option

  • The other option is a piece of unframed glass that slides smoothly along a track.
  • These glass shower screens, grant uncomplicated access to a bathtub or shower area.
  • The glass panels slide laterally along the length of the shower or tub, or they can fold inward in the shape of a bi-fold door.
  • Bi- fold doors are seen in many bathrooms where space is somewhat limited, because they do not block off any part of the bathroom when they are open.

You Decide – Wet or Dry?

Any kind of glass shower screen can be modified to perfectly match someone’s bathroom.

Different types of fixtures can also be added from a number of different rust-resistant metals. So indeed, get wet, but keep the bathroom dry!

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