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How to Cook Boneless Ribs on Your Grill, Pan, and Oven

Boneless ribs are some of the most sought-after parts of meat due to their delicious marbled appearance. Ironically, boneless ribs didn’t really come from ribs.

According to Cook’s Illustrated, boneless ribs come from the upper portion shoulder where the bones are too thin and narrow that butchers’ opted to just remove them and cut the meat into rectangular rib pieces.

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Boneless ribs are also known for their juicy, chewy yet meaty and textures. They also cook quickly.

However, seasoned grill masters and professional cooks agree that the best-tasting boneless ribs usually require a fair amount of cooking time.

But even with the time requirement, most recipes on how to cook boneless ribs are simple and easy to follow.

Here are two tips to coming up with delicious boneless ribs.

  • First, tenderize them before cooking. The marinade is a tenderizer by nature, so make sure to let the ribs
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