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Can You Freeze Milk?

If it comes to milk goods, getting your money’s worth from them can seem to be an impossible undertaking. Too frequently that gallon of milk ends up down the drain when the expiry date strikes. But there’s hope — and it is located on your own freezer.

Value and convenience is located in freezing particular foods, and to the surprise of many, milk is just one of these. Discover how to safely freeze and thaw milk for later use so that you may save money and reduce waste.

Whether you are attempting to compensate for crises, or just bought too much in the supermarket, you will be delighted to know that yes, it is possible to freeze milk! View this movie to find out how it’s performed, then read the directions below.

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Can You Freeze Milk?

Fantastic news! As stated by the Dairy Council of California, it is perfectly fine to suspend milk for later usage. You simply need to be certain that you do so prior to the expiration or”best by” date. If you end up constantly massaging out-of-date milk down the drain, then this easy solution can help save you money and reduce food waste.

Freezing milk permits you to save cash by purchasing milk in larger amounts than you require, expand its shelf life, and make fewer trips to the grocery shop.

If this describes you, I’d really like to assist you save save money on grocery stores, while cooking kid-friendly foods with everything you have in your cabinet.

To do so, I have ready a 2-week meal program filled with snacks, a done-for-you meal preparation program, and effortless ingredient swaps so that you may create incredible dishes with everything you’ve got in the kitchen.

How to Freeze Milk

It is possible to really freeze milk into its original container, provided that that container isn’t plastic. If your milk comes from a cardboard or glass container, then move it to some freezer-safe plastic container until you freeze. Milk will expand when frozen, inducing cardboard or glass to split — and you do not need that mess on your own freezer.

Since milk will enlarge, it is vital that you don’t put an entirely full jug of milk directly into the freezer. Leave one or two inches of headspace in each container, if you are freezing the whole jug or you are dividing it into individual containers. Then simply reseal the lid, shake vigorously, and put in the freezer.

Write the date on the milk using a mark. Butter will store in the freezer for up to 3 weeks , though it’s ideal to use it earlier rather than later, since it could absorb odors from food kept near.

Milk is one of the simplest items to freeze! You can certainly do it directly in the jug you bought it in, simply bear in mind that milk expands when freezing.

To prevent your containers popping up, just open the lid and then remove a inch or two of milk. This will present your milk lots of space to expand without breaking or spilling.


Does freezing milk actually help it last longer? Absolutely! Milk can be frozen for approximately 3-6 months that provides you with a little additional shelf life to your problem.

When freezing milk, then use a sharpie to write the date which you’re placing it in the freezer, so that you understand just how long you’ve got until you ought to drink it. This is particularly beneficial when you’re freezing a couple of jugs of milk, and also will need to keep track of which you can use first.

The best way to Motivate Milk

For safe ingestion, milk will have to be thawed either in the refrigerator or in cold water. Don’t thaw milk at room temperature, since this can risk the standard of the milk when it becomes too hot.

To safely thaw milk, then put it in the fridge to gradually thaw. To speed up things, it is also possible to fill out a sink or a large bowl with cold water and set the whole container from water. Replace the water as it warms up.

You might observe the feel of the milk once it is thawed is a little grainy. This is only because the fat separates. But fear not! A vigorous shake will help return the milk into its original feel. Thawed milk ought to be consumed within a few days.

How Milk Impacts Following Freezing

Although thawed milk will keep its nourishment, you might observe a difference in its look. The fat may different, causing the feel to be somewhat grainy, which explains the reason why vibration it before use is needed.

You might also utilize an immersion blender to combine the fats back in the milk. Due to the reduced fat content, skim milk and low-fat dairy suspend best.

Another change you may notice on your milk is your taste, rather than since the milk has gone bad. Storing milk from the freezer (even using a sturdy plastic container) may make it to absorb odors from especially pungent foods (looking at you, fish ). That is the reason you need to attempt and use your frozen milk earlier instead of later, and avoid keeping it alongside foods with strong odors.


This is a favorite question, and the fact is freezing milk does change things!

Milk separates if suspended. So that the fat along with the normal milk will divide, but this does not destroy the milk. Because you already have extra room in your jug from before freezing, then twist the lid and shake well to find the milk blended back together along with your milk will probably be like new!

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