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Black Spots On Potatoes

Many people often use potatoes as a favorite ingredient in cooking. Indeed, it appears from a simple meal to a luxury dish. However, you may confuse when finding black spots on potatoes and wonder if it is safe to eat.

And is it safe to eat after peeling out the dark area? Let’s read further to know how to distinct many types of black spots and what to do in each situation.

Why Have Black Spots On Potatoes?

To answer the question, here is a particular reason stated by Done Ramseyer who owns the potato farm in Smithville. He said during a harvest season, and many farms will collect potatoes and stock them in a pile. Next, they tie around the pack and store them in stockpiles. And he emphasized its height of the stockpile may reach to over 30 feet.

Before displaying, the potatoes are stored for months

Hence, black spots on potatoes are caused by the weight of above piles lying against the piles at the bottom. After several months in storage, these spots turn to internal black discoloration.

Is Black Spots On Potatoes Harmful To Your Health?

Rest assured as he ensures they are just a pressure bruising. That’s why all you have to do is cut off the black spots on potatoes and eat the rest safely.

Which Conditions That Arise Black Spots On Potatoes?

In some certainly specific circumstances, your potatoes would have gray or black spots. You would notice these bruise on the potato, especially in spring as they are harvested and stored since the fall.

At first, there are just some mold-like spots on its peel. Then it becomes the bruise in a more serious condition which is known as the Fusarium. Due to a significant amount of Fusarium, the potatoes’ taste would change negatively. However, the rest of the spud are confirmed to be safe to eat.

Cut off the black spots on potatoes to eat

As for the discoloration at both ends of potatoes, you can be aware of a net necrosis. It only occurs when the potato is grown in too dry condition. It results in the vascular rings which then turns to be a larger spot. Nevertheless, it is not a harmful condition.

Besides, you do not need to worry if your potatoes appear small dark holes on its skin. Indeed, these black spots on potatoes play a major role of the orifices that allows it to breathe.

Hence, its lenticels start to swell up due to an excess degree of moisture. Then, they would shrink and return to an original size with no more discoloration. It means this dark spot condition does not put your health at risk.

Distinct Types Of Black Spots On Potatoes

Though these dark spots may discourage you like its look unappetizing, it is not harmful at all. In particular, you can carry out two tricks below to test if it is fine to eat.

Differentiate Black Spot And Dot

While black spots on potatoes are just a result of physical damage on its external surface, the black dot demonstrates it is a wilting plant.

These black dots often come with bright gray patches. So, you are strictly recommended not to have this for a meal in any circumstances.

Indeed, they are not allowed to display in a market or for trading. In case your grown potatoes have this disease, the fungus strongly impacts such signals of your plant. Essentially, you should stop composting it to avoid spreading the disease.

Differentiate Black Spot And Black Cavity

When the black hole appears in the center of your potatoes after baked, it’s the result of a hollow heart. It is due to an extremely fluctuating temperature and fast growth during the early stage of a growing season. However, as you cut out this darkened center, you can enjoy the edible surrounding part.

How To Store The Potatoes Properly?

Though you know how to distinct which signs of the potato’s crust imply it’s harmful or safe to eat, you may prefer preventing than curing, right? Here are 5 specific information that guides you to keep the potatoes being edible.

  • You need to store them in a well-ventilated place. As for a fridge with a temperature of below 50 degrees, your potatoes would have discoloration when cooked.
  • Also, its starch quickly converts to sugar and has a sweet flavor.
  • In case you keen on storing them in the fridge, you should wait for the potato cool down to the room temperature before cooking. It helps lessen a chance of discoloration.
  • ​In contrast, you should avoid placing the potatoes at areas that have either too high or too low temperature.
  • ​To extend its life, you can put them in a paper bag or a perforated plastic bag. You can able to keep it fresh up to two weeks in a cool and dark condition.
  • Importantly, you should not wash potatoes before storing as it promotes dampness. As a result, the potatoes get spoil soon.

Conclusion For Black Spots On Potatoes

When dealing with black spots on potatoes, you should consider whether it is caused by a stress of the top potato piles laying others or an infective disease. Once figure out the reason, you can decide to cut off the dark spots or throw it away.

Above all, keep in mind to store it in a dry and dark place with a cool temperature to keep it fresh before cooking. Hope your answers are solved. And for any comments, drop you say or share your favorite tips right at below.

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