An Unbiased Take On The Best Memory Foam Pillow


The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute sheds light on the role proper sleep can play in your overall health. It says that healthy brain function and emotional well-being are very much dependent on good sleep.

Investing in the best memory foam pillow can make a huge difference. Memory foam pillows are also known as viscoelastic pillows.

They are made of polyurethane as their major component along with smaller quantities of other materials. They are increasingly common today owing to the level of comfort they provide.

Their greatest advantage is that they adjust to the shape of your head and neck according to the pressure points.

Hence, they provide you with a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience. Moreover, their structure is such that the open cells in their matrix allow the air to pass through them, thus making them a bit cooler than other conventional pillows.

However, the memory foam pillows are available today in a variety of types and many brands offering a plethora of features and comfort levels.

You can easily get confused when it comes to choosing the best memory foam pillow for yourself.

Instead of relying on trial and error and eventually ending up with the wrong one, it is advisable that you do your research.

Especially if you are going to buy one for the first time, you should first get a basic know-how of memory foam pillows before hitting the market.

This article would guide you not only about the different types of memory foam pillows in the market but also the best brands offering these types.

This review round up will make the decision a lot easier for you and save both your time and money.

​You can pick one now or keep reading to have many other useful tips.

Types Of Memory Foam Pillows

Depending upon the composition and shape of the mattress, memory foam pillows can be of several different types. Some of the common ones are:

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The shredded memory foam pillows are made of small pieces of foam compactly packed together to make a comfortable filling.

When it comes to the apparent shape and structure, the shredded memory foam pillow is similar to the conventional pillow – it is a bit long and rectangular in shape.

The shredded memory foam pillow has a perfect height. It is neither too high nor low. Besides a comfortable height, it is available in different sizes like standard size, queen size and king size. However, different brands may have slightly different measurements for each size.

One of the best advantages of shredded memory foam pillows is that they are equally suitable for almost every sleep position. Whether you normally sleep on your back or your sides, this pillow can easily adjust to your position to improve your sleep experience.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow

The contour memory foam pillow is one of the most preferred choices for those who have a neck problem and also those who normally sleep on their backs.

They help retain a perfect spine position for reducing the chances of back pain as Cleveland Clinic rightly mentions that our sleeping posture can significantly impact our chances of developing back pain. So a pillow that supports better spine position can help avoid this pain.

The contour memory foam pillow has a soft groove in the center making two ridges on both edges. These ridges and groove run along its length. The head rests on the groove and neck comes in contact with the ridge. It provides a comfortable sleeping position for back sleepers.

Moreover, when it comes to the composition of this pillow, it contains the soft, viscoelastic foam.

It substantially adds to the comfort, and you get a perfect sleeping position with your neck and head well supported.

Unlike the shredded pillow, the counter memory foam pillow has a one piece slab of a viscoelastic pillow. But this too molds according to the pressure exerted by head and neck.

Wedge Memory Foam Pillow

The wedge memory pillow is yet another type which is very different to the regular pillows. Especially when it comes to the shape, the unique giant wedge-like shape makes it a multipurpose pillow.

It can be used for babies, for adults, for the sick to keep a raised head position and for other purposes depending solely on the height and slope of the wedge.

Depending upon the slope, this pillow is perfect for those suffering from acid reflux, respiratory problems, and other medical conditions requiring a raised head position. It can even help you reduce pain from a chronic condition as the research proves that a good night’s sleep can reduce the pain.

WebMD says it can even replace medication to some extent. This specific pillow type can aid people with chronic conditions by helping them sleep well.

Moreover, its multipurpose shape also makes it a great reading pillow as you can comfortably sit along the wedge.

It supports the semi-lying position very well. Besides, this pillow is also used extensively by those with problems in the lower back. They can put this wedge under the knees to support the lower back.

Besides, pregnant women prefer this pillow to be placed under the bump hence reducing pressure on the back.

Besides the shape, the composition of wedge memory pillow comparatively retains more heat than other types of memory foam pillows.

If you are looking for a bit warmer sleeping experience, the wedge memory foam pillow is perfect for you.

Traditional/Gusset Memory Foam Pillow

The traditional memory foam pillows are very similar in appearance to the standard rectangular pillows.

They are simple, long pillows with a low height. However, the traditional ones too come in two types with a small difference.

They can either have a single seam all around its edges. These pillows have a bit of slope on their edges just like the traditional ones we mostly use.

The second sub-type of traditional memory foam pillow has a double seam around the edges.

This seam makes it a bit higher and flat on the edges although the shape and the size remain the same. Although they differ from shredded memory foam pillows in composition, they too are all-rounders just as shredded ones and can be used for any sleep position.

What To Look For While Buying A Memory Foam Pillow?

There are a few factors which you must consider in memory foam pillows if you want to make a rational purchase.

Without considering these features, the chances are that you’ll end up with frustration and squander your time and money. Let us have a look at what makes the best memory foam pillow.

How Would You Use A Memory Foam Pillow

What works well for someone else might be a complete discomfort for you. Your needs may differ from someone else’s needs. Before you decide to buy a specific type of memory foam pillow, understand your needs.

Are you going to buy it for some medical reasons? Do you enjoy an elevated head position or like it a bit lower? Does your room temperature at night call for heat retention or would it need a better air flow?

All these factors can seriously affect the type of memory foam pillow you should consider for yourself. The conditions under which you are going to use a pillow and the way you use it is important to consider for making a rational purchase.

What is Your Budget?

Especially as a first-time buyer, you can easily make a mistake when it comes to spending a reasonable amount of money for the features you prefer. The factors like, density, heat retention, type of pillow, the material on the cover, etc. can greatly affect the price of a memory foam pillow.

It is up to you to decide which factors you can compromise on your budget and which ones are worth spending an extra penny. Memory foam pillows cost you a bit more than the traditional ones, so it is important that you decide your limit and then stick to it.

What Is Your Natural Sleep Position?

It’s yet another very decisive factor when it comes to selecting the perfect memory foam pillow.

Some of them are specialized for back sleepers while others are more suitable for those who sleep on their sides. There are others which can be a good pick for either of these sleep positions but may cost a bit more.

You have to pick the one according to your unique sleep position. For instance, if you normally sleep on your side, a contour pillow may not be the best pick for you.

Similarly, the thickness of the pillow you choose should also be selected according to your sleep position.

Those who sleep on their back most of the times would benefit from thinner ones as they keep the spine in a comfortable position. On the other hand, side sleepers may prefer a different thickness.

Similarly, those who sleep on their stomach would prefer a different thickness and type to make sure their head, spine, and neck are well supported.

Firm vs. Soft Pillows

The firmness and softness of the pillow is a factor which is highly dependent on personal preference solely.

Some may consider a bit denser material provides more support to head, neck, and shoulders while others may prefer a softer one that wraps the neck as it comes in contact with the pillow. Decide the one that suits your preference.

Pillow Cover

Whether you would prefer a washable pillow cover or without it is another factor that matters. Some prefer to use the pillow with the cover that comes with the pillow while others would buy another separate cover. It depends on your convenience and choice.

Moreover, some specific allergies will also be a decisive factor when it comes to selecting a pillow cover.

Some pillow covers, e.g. 100% cotton, are naturally hypoallergenic while others may pose some risk. Moreover, some may retain the heat, e.g., polyester, while others may allow more air circulation. So choose wisely.

Size of Memory Foam Pillow

The size you choose depends on the size of your bed e.g. a large pillow would fit a king size bed whereas the standard size would fit a queen size bed.

Moreover, some people feel it comfortable to sleep with a standard size pillow while others prefer bigger size pillows. You must keep in mind that even a queen or king size pillow doesn’t mean the same size for different brands. You need to have a look at them yourself before buying.

In Conclusion On Article Best Memory Foam Pillow

A perfect sleep does mean a better health and comforting lifestyle. So, choosing a pillow that provides a perfect sleep means you are investing in your health. It’s worth it. Choose wisely if you do not wish to compromise on sweet dreams.

A good night’s sleep means a great overall performance throughout the day. And sleep deprivation can lead to various medical problems.

The Harvard Medical School links insufficient sleep to such medical conditions as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and obesity. So, take care of yourself by making sure you sleep well both in terms of quality and number of hours.

When it comes to memory foam pillows, there is a perfect fit available on the market for almost every person no matter what your sleep position or thickness, etc. It all depends on making the right choice, and that cannot be done without extensive research.

The aim of this review roundup is to educate you and guide you so that you can narrow down your choices and get the pillow that perfectly suits all your needs. If I were to select the one that I would prefer the most, I would go for the Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.

I consider it to be an all-rounder whether it’s with the sleep position, the proper thickness, or the firmness and heat retention.

However, as said earlier, the perfect one for you would depend on your unique preferences and personal needs. I wish you sweet dreams with the most comfortable memory foam pillow.

I hope this review was of great help in letting you know what type of memory foam pillows are available in the market with the positives and negatives. Do share your experience in the comments below to help others as well.


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